Shocking Fact about Ladies !! Money Over Everything !!

According to a recent survey, 90% of the Ladies Want To Marry Already Made Men.

girl love money


The question Arrives?

Why Not Stand By Him?

Girls love money

Most Ladies (90-95%) are only interested in dating or getting married to a made man. They don’t believe a poor man today, which has the potentials of being a rich man tomorrow.


If you’re such a lady, have you ever asked yourself how that rich man you crave for made his wealth?

girl love money

And who said it is not a blessing to marry a rich man? Yes! It is. But then, what if you are destined to help your husband achieve his goals? Why do you look down on him because he hasn’t got luxury of cash?


Let me tell you something ladies.


A rich man isn’t one who spends extravagantly. A rich man isn’t one who gives you Fat cash or writes you a cheque

after sleeping with you.

girls love money

A rich man is someone who’s potentially blessed and believes in his ability to convert his brain stock into reality in due time. When you meet such people, discuss with them, you’ll know instantly.

Don’t look down on him because he’s poor today, you never can tell tomorrow.

I do respect ladies that pass through the fire with their man and stand proudly to enjoy with him tomorrow.


There’s this Scottish proverb that says, “Don’t judge by appearance. A rich heart might be under a poor coat.”

girls love money

When you love a man, be yourself. Stand by him. Give him all the support you can and hope for a better tomorrow. Don’t let your friend’s choices intimidate yours. He’s your man, be proud of him.


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