iPhone screen freeze fix

Does your iPhone screen freeze, and won’t respond to your finger tap and swipe?

Here are Some tips that should fix iPhone screen freeze.

Multiple iPhone users have felt a problem with the display on their iPhone or iPad suddenly freezing and, no matter how hard they try, it won’t respond to their finger.

But most of the time it’s quite easy to fix a frozen screen.

Note – Some people who had their iPhone screen replaced are facing unresponsive display since updating their iPhone to iOS 11.3.

Maybe an update to iOS could fix the problem with your Display.


This issue might link to the use of non-Apple screens installed by third parties. However, some iPhones which got fixed with official Apple displays are also encountering a problem.

It is seen that iPhone X also face an unresponsive screen while using in near-freezing temperatures. Apple had issued a software fix to resolve the problem.

These are few steps to fix iPhone screen freeze –

  • Does the screen not working at all, or only when using any specific application?

If, Yes

it’s the application, try uninstalling the app.

  • Are your fingers wet?

Dry off moisture from your fingers. Check if there is anything on screen that could stop touchscreen working. (Moisture)

  • Are you wearing gloves?

Some gloves are designed to operate with touchscreens, but most don’t.

  • Try removing the screen protector, if you use one.
  • Wipe your screen a with a soft cloth.
  • Does your device have 3D touch feature?

If, Yes

Check the 3D Touch sensitivity settings.

  1. Go to Settings >
  2. General >
  3. Accessibility >
  4.  3D Touch >
  5. Adjust the sensitivity slider.

Or, turning disable 3D touch.

  • Check whether there is any software update pending to install; Apple has fixed a few issues that were affecting screens to become unresponsive in updates to iOS.
  • Does screen become unresponsive since you had it repaired by a company other than Apple?

Some third-party replacement displays also don’t work well with the iPhone, in this case, return to the shop and tell them about the problem you are having.

  • If your iPhone doesn’t start working at all, try restarting it.

Hold down the “Home button*, and the “On/Off Button” at the same time for 10 seconds; this will restart your device and restore the screen to working condition.

None of these tips worked?

  • Last option is to reset your iPhone back to factory settings.

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