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Top Rated SUV Tires

Top Rated SUV Tires

SUV tires are a lot more different than standard car tires. Coming with vehicles like sedans, CUVs, and hatchbacks, car tires are developed for highway driving. A larger car with all-wheel drive can even allow you to drive in mild off-road conditions. However, SUV tires are quite versatile, from driving on wet and dry roads to large rocks and steep hills. These can perform a variety of tasks.

The tread in SUV tires is stronger than other tires and has deep grooves. It allows the tire to withstand tremendous pressure and maintain traction in different conditions.

There are three main types of SUV tires. Let’s discuss these in detail:

Types of SUV Tires

SUV tires come in the following types:

Highway Tires

Highway tires are crafted for road driving. The focus is to provide the driver with the ideal road comfort and grip on both dry and wet roads. The unique tread in these tires suppresses the car’s vibration and, in turn, keeps the ride extremely comfortable.

The grooves in the tire resist against skidding and hydroplaning. These also have a better speed rating than mud tires and all-terrain tires.



You cannot expect them to perform on uneven terrains or in harsh winter conditions

Mud Tyres

Developed for rough trails and adventurous drivers, Mud tires come with an aggressive and sturdy tread pattern that can grip even the surface’s most challenging. These are often called off-road tires.

These are specially designed for harsh conditions. Highway tires or even all-terrain tires cannot grip some terrains such as loose mud or soft sand. Mud tires have large grooves between then, and the tread has excellent depth. All this contributes to perfect traction.

These tires can also channel water out of the way and can strongly resist hydroplaning.

Mostly, mud SUV tires are designed for 4×4 vehicles. These cars have powerful suspensions along with the elevated driving height.



All-terrain tires or AT tires

All-terrain tires are quite popular among 4×4 drivers because of its versatility. These can be driven on both highways and rough terrains. The unique tread compound in the tire helps it grip
different surfaces and maintain traction on different surfaces. Designed in a unique pattern, the tread can maintain traction with well-paved surfaces such as roads and highways, while it also grips well on uneven terrains such as mud, gravel, sand, and others.

The difference between AT tires and mud tires is that they make less noise when driven on roads. Mud tires are less comfortable on roads, and the tread wears out quickly if you drive on roads regularly. On the other hand, the tread of all-terrain tires does not wear out quickly even when you drive with it on roads.

However, if you want the ideal road comfort, there is no better option than highways tires.




SUV tires come in various categories. Most compact and mid-size SUVs use all-terrain tires or highway tires, while 4×4 SUVs come equipped with mud tires. You can find a wide variety of top-rated SUV tires if you are aware of your driving needs. So, before you make a purchase, make sure you have assessed your driving needs.

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