2020 BPO Trends to Impact Indian Call Center

Call Center Companies are always expected to be responsive and instantaneous in their service performance, as they have to handle customer support services for partners. When we talk about India call centers, numerous firms promise to offer excellent call support services. However, choosing a call center in India is not easy, and you need to be selective while deciding the partner, as any wrong decision can land the business into trouble. Thus, a wise selection is indispensable.

In 2020, call center companies are witnessing new trends that are all set to bring a paradigm shift in service operation for the industry. The traditional services followed by BPO companies have revolutionized over time, as agents nowadays leverage modern technologies to boost customer service performance.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), etc. agents can assist call centers in streamlining service performance for efficient outputs to customer experience.

Customers are happily accepting modern technologies and are using modern ways to connect to their service providers too. Thus, modern communication tools like online chats, social media messaging, web chat, video sessions, emails, etc. are the new ways call center agents can connect to the customer.

Since a potential customer can search for a service-related query online or inquire over a social platform to connect with a business agent, call centers’ require to be available 24X7. Along with the need to be spontaneous in query answering, BPOs are expected to have agents with the latest tech knowledge to bring supreme customer satisfaction.

When we talk about recent call center trends, we mean the new ideas that can help the modern call center industry augment service operation. However, the question here is, are call centers ready to adopt the change?

To help the lead move on towards the sales funnel, it is imperative to guide them proficiently with whichever way they find the best. Therefore, learning modern technologies is necessary, as you do not know the agent’s platform preference. We team up the 2020 trends to help you with boosted customer support service.

Call Centre Trends for Indian Call Center:

India Call Centers to Use Cloud Solutions

To reduce overhead costs and to reach customer 24X7X365, cloud solutions are the best. The modern era is not where call centers monotonously desire to have in-house agents sitting on their workstations and repeatedly answering customer queries.

Nowadays, call centers’ understand the need for cloud solutions that helps to make the agents available at customer support no matter whether they are physically present in the office or not. Experiencing the recent COVID-19 pandemic, call center agents’ need to learn work from home tactics has increased. The pandemic restricted the agents from visiting the office, and the companies around the world were compelled to work from home.

In such a situation, cloud technology helps make customer data available to the agents so that un-interrupted customer support is not a dream from home. In tough times when a business continues to offer astounding support service, strengthening customer satisfaction becomes easy.

In the 2020s, call center companies to need to be ready for the worst. Since they offer customer support on behalf of several partners, their credibility needs not to be questioned in such times.

With the help of cloud solutions, CRM, and real-time communication tools, lead nurturing becomes easy and limits overheads need. Automated tools tend to require less manual intervention, which is why most companies today consider cloud solutions, as they simplify much of the hassles for call center companies.

Cloud solutions help with the availability of online data storage and computing power without a manual agent’s need. With cloud solutions, users can access data online safeguarded by passwords. It is easy for call centers to keep working even in adverse scenarios when agents are not available at the office with such an advantage.

Omnichannel Approach for the Call Centre in India

As per reports, companies using an omnichannel approach tend to engage 89% of customers than those using traditional communication systems. Well, this is where the importance of inheriting new trends and retaining clients can be understood.

The time is changing, and only those businesses survive in such periods that keep changing as per the market needs. An omnichannel approach for the call center means keeping the communication system unified across all channels. With omnichannel support, customers can regain their interactions with the agent by reading out the previous dealings that make things clear.

In today’s era, where a customer can contact you on any communication platform, omnichannel support is indispensable to avoid dissatisfaction.

IVR with AI Perquisite

An Interactive Voice Response System with the advantage of AI-driven solutions help India call centers a lot. Intelligent IVR driven from AI technology helps with speech recognition and language interpretation in an error-free manner.

Not only is this, but an AI-driven bot helps to reach callers with an instant answer irrespective of the traditional ways that compelled customers to wait in long queues. The modern trends talk all about automated systems simplifying business functions to its best.

Indian call center firms have started leveraging AI-powered IVR technology, as they understand the advantage of 24X7 services along with spontaneous answering.

Self-Service Tools

The modern trends for call centers are also about allowing self-assisting tools for service excellence. The traditional approach was all about agents calling the BPO agent to ask assistance over a technical query or resolve any request.

However, today, customers are moving towards self-service tools to look for a provider that helps them with self-analyzing tools for query resolution. Self-service solutions include FAQ and tutorials that help customers resolve their queries themselves.

With the changing time, customers want to be self-independent rather than rely on BPO agents to resolve issues. Self-reliance is the need of the hour and helps resolve queries speedily, thus becoming the new trend.

Consequently, call centers need to be ready with a user-friendly resource library that quickly resolves their queries. This should also include a virtual agent, so that small inquiry is resolved without delay!

Analytics for Service Excellence

Data analytics tools have always been a guardian angel to call center in India. With analytics, the decision making power is strengthened. Automated analytical systems help call center companies to get data sets available instantly, which was hard to coordinate and analyze with manual functions.

Analytical systems also help with quality assurance software that accesses query resolution time, the number of inquiries, etc. Such assistance, when done manually, takes a lot of time and has the possibility of inaccuracies. Thus, AI-driven analytics helps to resolve much of the issues on time instantly without the need for a huge team of agents at support.

Analytics also helps to understand the customer requirements and differentiate amid what to offer and what to avoid to maintain customer satisfaction! The customers’ preference for a self-service tool or whether a live agent works better to resolve the query is also clear with analytics. So with so many advantages of having an analytical tool, why performing tasks manually?

Message Recall Technology

Wrong information delivery to the customer leads to negative customer experience. Message errors can create chaos; thus, a message recall technology is essential. Errors in the conversational system have affected the Indian call center name before too. Thus, the new trend talks about a message recall technology where companies get the advantage of filtering unwanted or incorrect communications.

With such technological, the customer’s messages can be checked, and the conversational flow is maintained without cost and time loss. Although delays the message transmission for a few minutes to correct it, the tool makes sure that no ill message ruins the brand image reaching the customer unknowingly.

With call volumes rising every day, the chance of unwanted errors increases. Thus, to ensure astounding growth, a recall technology enactment is necessary.

Ending Statement

The 2020 call center trends are the best compilation of what the customer support companies need to check-in in the modern epoch. Companies can leave no stone unturned by adopting the modern techniques to woo the customers’ interest on time and add value to services depending on the market demands.

Thus, every call center company needs to inherit the trends for amplified productivity.

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