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Corrugated Boxes

The packaging industry is booming at a high pace. Every business is in the try to take their name to the top of the list. During such time, corrugated boxes are helping them stay in the market and move toward.

Let’s talk about corrugated boxes and things related to them.

Corrugated & Cardboard – What is The Difference?

Wherever you go, you may hear about corrugated and cardboard a lot. Especially from the printing companies because for them, it is their daily routine. They are as much attached to their packaging processes as they are to their families.

Now, what is cardboard and corrugated? Are they both the same? First and foremost, No! They are not the same.

Cardboard is made up of heavy paper-pulp or thick paper stock. At the same time, corrugated packaging consists of a few layers of material rather than a single sheet.

Cardboard is used for many purposes, such as making product packaging, provides structural support for notepads, small containers, and much more. Since you can transport your goods to your customers. There is a risk involving as this material provides little support. You may have to use bubble wrap for the product’s protection.

On the other hand, corrugated does not have a single sheet. It has three different layers (Inside liner, outside liner, and a medium between the two). Apart from having three layers, corrugated is a lightweight material.

Unlike cardboard or other materials, the corrugated box is unbeatable! It provides a high-level assurance that the products will move from the warehouse to the customer’s destination in perfect condition. This is because corrugated material remains intact when exposed to moisture, sudden temperature changes, and shocks.

Corrugated Packaging Has Many Benefits, Find Out Here!

One: Cost-Efficient

As already discussed corrugated box offers many benefits to companies. And still, it happens to be cost-efficient! This is the best thing about corrugated material. If you get the right printing company, the prices can go even more down.

You can recycle and reuse the material after getting the product out. Not just that, a corrugated box can increase your sales.

Two: Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly packaging or sustainable packaging is today’s business mantra! It is one of the determining factors for a brand’s growth and success. In reality, it is the population that drives big businesses to opt for environment-friendly solutions.

Thus, if you want to build a strong relationship with clients and customers, you need to provide them with sustainable packaging.

Three: Customisation Options

In packaging, customisation is a vital part of the procedure. Like there is no question on this. Businesses and printing companies work together in this department. By customisation, you can make your custom corrugated packaging valuable and versatile for retailers.

From the design of the box to other features, corrugated packaging perfectly fits your shipment requirements. And if it does not, you can always ask your printing company to do it for you.

Four: Increases Consumer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of all good printing companies. However, your quest may not be as simple as it may seem if you are into eCommerce. Since they do not have a shelf presence, they have to develop ideas to impress their consumers.

Corrugated boxes can help you in this regard. Create a magnificent unboxing experience for your users by opting for this material type.

Corrugated Boxes: Drawbacks For Packaging & Shipping

If we have talked about the benefits and perks of corrugated boxes, how about we talk about its drawbacks now? Pros and Cons move parallel. Following are some of the drawbacks of this material: 

  • The corrugated box is not waterproof. Hence, please do not leave it in the rain because it will become a damp mess.
  • Though it is preferred for long-distance shipments, it is still not as strong as metal, so not the best option for heavy items.
  • If there is sideway pressure on the corrugated box, it can cause it to deform.
  • With the elegant corrugated box you get initially, you don’t have to have the exact perfect look of the box in the end.

Make Your Corrugated Box Unique With its Different Styles!

Anyone unique is famous among the masses. Do you agree? Have you ever noticed that someone around us is always a different person than the rest?

Similarly, in packaging, you can make your packaging unique by changing the shape, style, size, colour, and much more. Your goal should be to create packaging that is different from the rest. So that when your customer goes to the market, they are instantly impressed by your box’s presentation.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes can help you get those stares and longing of the audience. Here are some of the common styles to choose from: 

  • One Piece Folder (OPF).
  • Full Overlap Container (FOL).
  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC).
  • Full Telescope Design (FTD).

You cannot send your product to customers without closing Corrugated Boxes wholesale. You may need packaging tape, tuck-in flaps, and strapping for heavy-duty loads for the purpose. Getting the right box may become tiresome for you, and when there are so many options to choose from, everything can become messy and confusing.

However, no need to worry. There are many services and tools available to get you the perfect packaging.

Role of Printing Company in Getting The Desired Corrugated Packaging

Whatever issue or solution has been discussed above can be solved and implemented when you hire a competent printing company. There might be hundreds of options for you in your region, but which expert deals with corrugated boxes? Do you have any idea?

It may become difficult to differentiate between the right and wrong printing companies. However, there is always a way for the one who seeks a solution. Look at the features of a printing company that deserves your attention: 

  • Positive reviews and testimonials from clients.
  • Affordable packages.
  • Speedy delivery.
  • Spontaneous Customer Care.
  • Supportive and cooperative teams.
  • Prototypes availability.
  • Free quote.

It’s always a better idea to go prepared than being confident.

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