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Go Vocal for Local: Footwear Brands 'Made in India'

India is the second-largest footwear producing country in the world after China. After the recent decline in trade, India is focusing more on the boom of local brands. Therefore, under the banner of ‘Go Vocal for Local,’ you can see Indian brands’ growth in all the niches, including footwear.

This blog has listed the homegrown footwear brands, which are entirely ‘Made in India.’ Go through these lists of brands and buy from these to encourage the local brands. All the brands mentioned below are entirely made in India.


Metro is one of the forerunners among Indian footwear brands. It has a wide range of shoes, purses, belts, and similar products. You can also get all kinds of foot care products from Metro. It has a vast collection of shoes and sandals for women and men. You can get fancy sandals, wedges, heels, pump shoes, and other footwear in the latest designs. Men can get dashing formal and casual shoes at a reasonable price. You can also get all kinds of foot care products.

Red Chief

Red Chief is a trusted shoe brand that originated in India. It is primarily known for its integral work with leather and tannery. It produces durable and fancy shoes from the best buff and aniline leather. It mostly produces a wide collection of men’s and women’s footwear.


Since 1954, Liberty has been producing footwear to cater to Indian consumers. It has reached to be one of the top 5 leather footwear manufacturers in the world. It exports footwear products to more than 25 countries, including European countries. A report says that Liberty produces more than 50,000 pairs of footwear daily. It is spread across the country and millions of Indian trust in the brand name, and there are thousands of Liberty exclusive showrooms and multi-brand outlets.


Undoubtedly, Bata is the leading footwear manufacturer and the largest retailer in the country. It has captured the market of footwear in India since 1931. It has managed to survive the competitive market due to its evolution in footwear designs and quality. Presently, it offers the latest design and pattern of shoes to cater to consumers’ modern demands. You can get the best quality of footwear from reputed online stores like Limeroad. Make use of Limeroad Offers Today to get the best discount deals while purchasing the footwear.


Another reliable brand of Indian footwear is Paragon. It was established in 1975, and today it is well-known for rubber footwear and slippers. It has made its name under the trusted and durable footwear brands. Its strength lies in the vast staff and distributor strength and has an entire in-house footwear design team. Presently, it has a wide range of footwear collection of comfortable and fancy shoes and slippers.


Mochi is a distinctive Indian footwear brand that started in 2002. It has a vast collection of shoes, handbags, socks, belts along with foot care products. Presently, Mochi has its outlets in more than 30 cities. It claims to produce a hundred new designs every week. It provides trendy footwear designs to carter to the footwear fashion needs of this generation. So you can browse through the collection of Mochi footwear to find the most suitable one for you.


Everyone knows Relaxo as one of the best Indian footwear brands. It primarily manufactures rubber footwear along with durable leather footwear. Under this umbrella brand, there are sub-brands like Sparx, Bahamas, Flite, and Hawaii. It also produces school shoes and casual footwear. It is the most trusted and reliable Indian footwear brand you see in the market.


Lakhani has a vast customer base in India. It manufactures a wide range of footwear for kids, women, and men. The footwear niche for Lakhani is rubber slippers, outdoor, and sports shoes. There are many shoe types under these categories, which has made this brand the largest producer of sports shoes. It is never a bad idea to buy a durable product from such a trusted store.


Inc.5 is a homegrown Indian footwear brand. It was established in 1998, and today it has reached an ideal company size. It has 54 exclusive stores spread across the country. Next time you wish to buy trendy yet comfortable footwear, you can go to the Inc.5 store. They have a wide display of women’s footwear of the latest design and pattern.


Another homegrown footwear brand is SKO, which was established a decade ago. This was started by a young man who resigned from investing in banking and started this footwear brand. You can get a fantastic line of shoe styles and designs. It has an excellent range of women and men’s footwear and is fancy and comfortable.

Reliance Footprint

Reliance Footprints is a footwear wing of Reliance industries. It collects an array of shoes, purses, belts, accessories, and similar products. You can get the products of all the Indian and international footwear brands. It is the outlet that has multiple brands of footwear, purses, belts, and other leather accessories. Therefore, go ahead and purchase the best footwear from the stores.


India is one of the leading footwear producers globally, as it has an abundance of raw material. There are many Indian brands which have surfaced as the trusted footwear brands. In this situation, when the government encourages the public to use the local products, you should be joining the campaign of ‘Go Vocal for Local.’ Under this, purchase the shoes which are entirely manufactured in India. Numerous Indian footwear brands produce a fancy, durable, and comfortable women, men, and kids footwears widening your options. In this blog, we have listed top brands to purchase the products from these places.

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