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Globalization International Relations

Jeremy Bentham first conceived the first idea of international relations, and it came to an existence in the literature in 1789.

Globalization is an essential subject in international relations. Globalization refers to the strong inter-relation or linkage of the various nation—the interaction and reciprocity of services among people and government.

This has influenced every region in the world in some way or another. It has brought a great change in the success of the nations. Globalization has a great impact on the nation’s culture, economy, and politics.

The root aim of the study of international relations is to identify how different regions interact. As there is interdependence, the activities of various regions may be identified.

Regarded as economic-political operation. It also has a greater impact on the cultural values, beliefs, and languages, and it also helps build up the world’s perspective individually and at a collective level.

Scholastically, it is divided into:

  • Economic Globalization
  • Political Globalization
  • Cultural Globalization.

Economic Globalization:

People usually connect globalization to the economic interdependence of nations. It refers to the inter-relation of the economic needs of nations in this new era of technologies. The linkage due to trading services is common.

Trading could be of copious goods, commodities, and products. International trade is the give and takes of services and staff across the world. This has brought economic stability to the world and provided it with a new horizon.

Poverty has been brought down by a 5.4 percent annual growth in Malaysia. In recent years the rate of globalization is increased with a parallel increase in the standard of living. It has linked the whole nation like a single unit.

Culture Globalization:

This globalization means the idea of sharing the culture, languages, beliefs, customs, and traditions. This purely intensifies the relations of the nations. Cultures can be adopted through the internet, digital media, and international travels.

The idea of common monoculture is being popularized—the movement of unanimous culture across national borders. Food and sports are common examples of cultural globalization.

Some famous brands have spread this type of globalization. Coca-cola, Mcdonald’s, and many others have promoted cultural globalization by distributing their brands worldwide.

Cricket World cups, Olympic games and FIFA world cup, and other sports hold together the nations. Now cultural globalization is seen as an inevitable part of everybody’s lives. In futurological studies, this type of globalization has a greater scope.

Political Globalization:

Political globalization call attention to political growth and prosperity. This growth refers to both quality and quantity. Certain agencies work together globally. They work for the awareness of human rights, takes important decisions regarding democracy. Clears up the misunderstandings and frames the agreements.

United Nations is one of the governmental organizations. It works for the peace and stability of the nations. Maintains good relationships among the nations. It preserves the peace and harmony of the nations. The development of the United Nations is an example of political globalization.

As far as trade bloc is concerned, it is an intergovernmental organization of various counties. Examples are:

  • North American Free Trade Area
  • Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation
  • Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa

Advantages of Globalization:

Globalization has an extensive range of advantages. It also has some disadvantages. Gross Domestic Product is the final value of the product during a defined period, Usually per annum.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a significant measure of the economy of the country. The competition in the market has increased.

People are provided with a wide range of stuff they can buy. Globalization increases the GDP. More people are hired, and the rate of unemployment decreases. It increases the information through engaging with the other nations and exchanging important pieces of information.

Expansion of democratic ideas to the developed nation. The emergence of financial markets throughout the world. It transpired that immigration between states and nations had been increased.

Diffusion of cultures, beliefs, languages, customs has been increased. Privilege to select an item, interchanging the goods and capital. Enhancement in the technologies as a result of globalization. There is a cross-cultural concept, The spread of multiculturism.

People have access to various cultures. Globalization plays an important part in character building—many production markets with a significant amount of varieties.

Certain social programs benefit the health of the people. Pollution, mercury problems, environmental hazards are the topics that are solved by mutual understanding. The emergence of technologies has given us a new platform.

Through wireless, internet, mobile phone the globalization has become a lot easier than before.

Due to globalization, the concept of the Emotional Service Animals letter online has been introduced.. It uploads the fact that an animal is required for emotional support between treatment and therapy.

Disadvantages of Globalization:

Dissimilarity in the views of the people could develop serious disagreements and disputes. Due to globalization, there is a gap in communication between developed and developing countries.

Lack of liaising gives rise to various conflicts. Due to the diffusion of culture, the distinctiveness is lost. The probability of economic damage of all the nations increases if a single nation is facing a downfall.

Unemployment increases in the developed countries. People move to develop countries for jobs as a firm looks for people who work at low rates. As the rate of immigration increases, there is a greater chance of the spread of dangerous diseases.

Unbalanced and unsymmetrical economic growth. The diffusion of cultures can ultimately lead to exploitation and discrimination.

A break in the community is developed because of the discrimination between rich and poor.


Globalization is associated with the linkage of the nations. It has greatly impacted all walks of life, from cultures and beliefs to governmental organizations. Free trading across the borders has been enabled just because of it. The types of globalization are political, cultural, and economical. Sincerely, globalization has made everyone’s life a lot better than it was before.

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