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Tips About Slideshows To Double Business

Creating and presenting a slideshow for a business meeting and seminar is not just about the slide. It is also about how you are presenting it. A successful presentation establishes your views in front of the investors or board directors in a way that convinces them to take action or at least think about it.

A mind-blowing presentation is required to land a new deal or a new project and grow your business. One has all the vital data and numbers and can explain to the listeners in a heartbeat. It is all about presenting the facts and your opinion and ideas to the other team members and getting them on board.

The next time you have to create a powerful presentation to double your business, keep these tips in mind.

1. Start by Building Credibility

The very first thing you need to do is build your credibility. No matter where you are presenting- in front of an audience of customers or internally in front of investors or team members. Begin by introducing yourself a bit to create a bit of credibility so that they can trust you and engage with your content.

It is quite simple to do as you don’t have to recite your resume here. Just begin the presentation with a story. It can be about you or how you got the idea that you are conveying or so on. It is not only a great way to start a presentation and break the ice, but it provides you with credibility as well.

2. Use a Professional Slideshow Maker

It isn’t very comfortable if you start your introduction and move to the slide only to find that it is not working. It can happen, mainly if you use a slideshow maker with a different version, and the one you used to create the slideshow is not compatible with the hardware you have at the presentation venue.

Thus, it is best to use a slideshow maker like Canva that works on all platforms as it is an online tool. You can save it and use it via a pen-drive, or you can log-in to your account and connect via Wi-Fi to access it. Moreover, Canva has tons of professional templates that you can use to create your slideshow quickly. It is customizable so that you can change it as per your needs.

3. Be Liberal with your Supporting Materials

Every topic needs data and numbers to support it. So, make sure your presentation includes statistics and examples for the same. But be careful while using them. Never use too many visuals or use more than one graph in a single slide. Use one per slide or two at the very best. It should be neat and straightforward.

Also, if you have any instance that you think will provide better support, use them. It doesn’t need to be in the slide as long as you have it in your speaking notes and remember to use it.

4. Follow a Theme

All the people gathered there would like to listen to you. But they would also use the slideshow as a measure to get the full crux of the presentation. To ensure that it is appealing to the eye, make sure it has consistency. That means following a theme and using the same template throughout. You also need to use the same font and sizes throughout all the slides, so uniformity.

5. Use Questions to Garner Interest

Before you launch into your presentation, ask a rhetorical or thought-provoking question from your audience. When you start with something like this, it gives the listeners something to think about, and you will have their undivided attention.

6. Dress Well

Sure, your presentation and slide show is perfect, but what about you? If you are presenting wearing casual clothes, it will be distracting. It is a business presentation, and you are representing your brand. So, a certain amount of thoughts need to be put into what you are wearing.

Wear formal clothes that show your professionalism, but it never has to be boring. Be comfortable, chic, and professional.

7. Be Ready for Any Questions

At the starting of the presentation, make it clear that you will be taking question-answers at the end. And when that time comes, be ready to answer all types of questions. Now that you know the audience and the topic well, it will not be hard to guess the questions that come your way.

Try to add most of them in the slide, and for the ones you did not, come up with a reasonable answer for them.

8. Understand the Audience

Creating a business presentation means that you are trying to sell a new product or find a new angle for an old one. That is why to ensure that your presentation comes across as successful, you need to research your target audience.

Whatever data or facts you have about the audience, use them when planning a new idea and including it in the presentation.

For instance, If you are selling baking products to a bakery, your presentation would take a different angle from selling the products to individuals.

So, keeping your audience in mind is imperative to make a good presentation that impresses people.

9. Be Vary of Your Call to Action

Knowing your end goal with the presentation and working on it two different things. What you expect the audience to do after seeing the presentation makes the whole basis of the slide and presentation.

So, make sure you end the slide/presentation with a clear call to action, like a question or giving them free access to the product you are talking about. It gives them a clear direction to go to and remember your presentation for a long.

10. Engage With the Audience

You are not reading a book, you are presenting an idea, and that needs discussion. If you don’t engage with your audience and answer their questions, they will forget the presentation when they are out of the room.

So, ask them questions as part of your presentation for better response and engagement.

Keep these 10 tips in mind for your next presentation, and you will nail the deal.

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