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Virtual Hybrid AGM

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are an essential part of every organized industry every year annually. The meeting is held between the interested shareholders and the company’s director to discuss its overall performance. With the advent of COVID-19, important events planned for the entire year either got canceled or postponed altogether. Restrictions have been imposed on traveling, and social distancing protocols have been circulated to prevent the nation from a deadly virus. Virtual events came as a savior and prevented many businesses from dipping down. Organizations are left with no other option rather than leveraging virtual event technology to keep going. The most important industry events, such as live physical eAGMs, are transformed into a visually rich virtual environment. It eliminates the need to travel to a location, thus lowering health risks in these challenging times. Virtual AGMs enable all level interested shareholders to participate in the same from their respective remote locations. Many organizations who never thought about hosting virtual events are heavily relying on virtual event solutions. Over the past few months, many organizations have openly announced about going virtual. They have transformed their AGMs into eAGm for 2020 & beyond. The number of increasing virtual AGM platforms on the web every day says it all. The percentage of AGMs and the demand for virtual AGM platforms has skyrocketed in 2020. Even though virtual events have closely replicated in-person AGMs, but face-to-face interactions hold their worth. It will always be a part of a robust event management program and can never be substituted.

Today, the virtual has become the new normal. As we moved ahead with time, lockdown restrictions started uplifting & people started getting usual with day to day life. It won’t be wrong to say, even after the global pandemic, people will remain suspicious about attending large gatherings. Here, virtual, hybrid events came into play. In this post, we have listed the tips to conduct a successful virtual hybrid AGM. Let’s have a look:

Tips For Holding a Smooth Virtual Hybrid AGM

Leverage The Right Technology

Selecting the right virtual AGM platform that offers comprehensive virtual hybrid AGM solutions is a must. Choose a platform that enables you to host a sufficient number of participants for your AGM. A platform that offers live chat functionality enables participants to have 1:1 or group chats via live audio/video/text chats. Go with a platform that facilitates participants to have free-flowing conversations with hosts, speakers, and other attendees. Whereas looking for a platform with engaging tools such as live polls, surveys, Q&A keeps attendees engaged throughout. It helps in holding the attention of the participants and voice out their opinions smoothly. Selecting a virtual AGM platform that allows you to track every digital attendee move is the right bet. It helps in creating a detailed analytics report and measuring the performance metrics.

Take Questions From The Shareholders Beforehand & Address Them During Eagms.

To ensure a successful virtual hybrid AGM asks interested shareholders to share questions during the registration process. Utilize them in Q&A sessions and live polls to gain a general opinion of other participants as well. The questions taken during registrations can be addressed during virtual hybrid AGM along with the received feedback. Enable attendees to voice out their opinions and vote freely.

Guide Your Participants To Participate in a Virtual Format.

Not every attendee is well-versed with technology. To ensure a successful virtual hybrid AGM, educate your attendees to participate in the same. Send them emails about the meeting along with a maneuver that consists of proper instructions about how to join an AGM. Try doing it a few days before the actual event as it gives attendees time to get used to the technology. If your participants face any technical glitches, you are still left with the time to fix it. A straightforward guide helps to keep attendees focused on the content rather than focussing on other technicalities.

Back Your Virtual AGM with 24*7 Technical Support.

Virtual events may result in having unexpected technical glitches at the last moment. Keep your event backed by 24*7 support. Allow your attendees to seek technical support and ask questions about accessing the webcast of virtual AGM remotely.

Look Out for All Presenter Options To Select The Best One.

Virtual AGM offers three presenting options to the speakers and the host. Assessing them all is a must to find out which suits you the best as per your requirements. The three presenting options include:

  • A speaker is delivering the speech to remote attendees from a studio.
  • Delivering a live physical presentation from an on-site venue that is streamed live.
  • Delivering a speech or presentation from a remote location over the web via any device.

Access all the options and select the option that best suits you and your needs.

Do a Dry Run Before Virtual Hybrid AGM.

Do a test run for the technology before virtual hybrid AGM to look for any technical glitches. If any technical issues occur, you are still left with the time to fix them. Apart from it, check your internet connection and device for a seamless event.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse.

To ensure a successful virtual hybrid, AGM doing several rehearsals is a must. Do rehearsals by using actual materials and presenters in front of friends or family as test attendees. Practice the content as much as possible before virtual AGM for smooth delivery.

Notify Attendees About Necessary Information.

Always keep in mind to keep your attendees updated. Notify them that the virtual hybrid AGM will be recorded and can be assessed on-demand as well. Remember to archive the company website’s meeting for some months or a year to drive engagements.

Do Not Forget To Send Reminders.

Sending regular reminders to shareholders for your upcoming virtual AGM is a must to ensure maximum attendance. Marketing is a crucial aspect of a good turnout at a meeting, thus making an event successful. Even though your shareholders are aware of your upcoming virtual hybrid AGM, regular reminders keep updating them about the registrations’ last date.

Final Word

The benefits served by virtual hybrid AGMs are far beyond the reach of in-person AGMs. Apart from preventing people from spreading health risks due to global pandemic, virtual hybrid AGMs offer huge perks. Wider reach, increased participation, data trackability, reduced expenses, carbon footprints, etc., are significant benefits. If you have not yet thought about hosting a virtual hybrid AGM, now is the time to start. Leverage the best virtual AGM platform out of many players available in the market today.

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