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Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

It is often said that art is what feeds the soul. This is said so because artistic individuals often have a greater degree of sensitivity and cognizance. That being said, it is also a great way to distress those who have issues at work, home, or elsewhere.

Companies that invest in team bonding activities in Singapore often have a greater degree of employee satisfaction than those that do not. A great way to achieve that is by immersing employees in art-related pursuits.

Why is Art Activities Good Idea?

Research proves that art is an excellent form of self-care and therapy. Often called art therapy, it allows stressed persons to tap into their inner feelings and translate them onto paper with paints, pencils, and charcoal.

Another reason why art therapy is an excellent idea for team bonding activities in Singapore is that it does not involve going out or a large amount of planning on the company’s part. All they need is a group of willing colleagues, some free time, and a facility with art supplies, and a helpful instructor.

  • Art is considered a form of self-care as it allows individuals to allow their creative side to make an appearance.
  • Reduced stress levels have been linked with art activities. This makes it an excellent choice for team-building activities as those are usually arranged to allow employees to unwind so that they can have more productive times later.
  • Many individuals who think they may not be good at art think that they should not make it. This makes them unhappy as adults. Opportunities such as these will allow them to fall back in love with their art.
  • It allows a person’s creative juices to flow. This stimulates the mind, creating a healthy mental environment for that person.
  • It is a nonviolent activity that can easily be done indoors. This makes it an excellent choice for team-building activities. It allows employees to be friendly with each other, makes suggestions when needed, helps each other out, and compare results later.
  • Art activities do not involve going out, making it a suitable option for individuals who do not wish to go out for any reason, such as the weather, allergies, the coronavirus pandemic, or anything else.

Ideas for Art-related Team Bonding Activities

The most important aspect of art is that it is an extremely versatile discipline, with several options available to suit every individual’s needs and interests.

If you are looking to interest your employees in some artsy activities, the following options may be worth trying.


Sketching is an exact and delicate discipline. It takes up quite a few hours to properly get the hang of and learning it is also an exciting experience. A sketch also makes a good present, so the souvenirs you take home from the art workshop can not only serve as a reminder of an excellent time but also make a good gift idea.


Painting is considered the most versatile of all the art forms. Employees tired of the corporate grind can mix any colors they wish to into exciting combinations to make paintings that allow them to tap into their inner thoughts. It is a healthy activity that allows for the peaceful release of anxious or depressed thoughts.


Pottery is the most peace-inducing of all activities. The wet feeling of the mud, the gentle whirr of the pottery wheel, and the homely aroma of pottery classes make it a good idea for Singapore’s indoor team bonding activities.

Sewing and Tailoring

Leather crafting, embroidery, and knitting are some of the many skills that come under sewing and tailoring. By entering your workers into a sewing class, you make sure that the environment that they learn new skills in is a soothing one. They may also learn some essential skills that can be useful for the employees in their daily lives.


While sculpting is an exact art, individuals wishing to learn can enroll in a class to decrease their stress and learn some new skills along the way.

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