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Remote Teams are The Future of Work

Remote working has now become the new norm for many businesses. As countries worldwide are still fighting with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that remote working will stay for some time. And why shouldn’t it? There are a lot of benefits for both the employees and the employers.

As per Forbes, approximately 70% of the labor force will be working remotely for five days a month by 2025. And we will witness the trend rise in 2021 as well. Large corporations like Twitter have permitted their employees to work from home permanently.

Another study by Global Workplace Analytics shows that about a quarter of the American workforce now telecommutes on a regular or long-term basis. And with globalization, you can now easily hire a dedicated remote team for your projects.

Though many industries are getting used to this module due to the pandemic, the IT industry has adopted it early. It is now reaping the benefits that the module has to offer. Also, the industry did not have an impact like other industries had during the pandemic.

Below Mentioned are Just Some of The Few Benefits That You Can Enjoy by Hiring a Remote Team:

1. Work-Life Balance

Though this is a benefit that is more favorable to the employees, your business can benefit from it. Work-life balance is something that we all overlook. It is the one thing that many employees are looking for during their job hunt.

Therefore, working remotely helps people to continue working at a time that is more suitable for them. It allows them to manage their schedule and spend more time with their families. Moreover, you will see an increase in their overall productivity and efficiency.

Also, millennials are more likely to go for a company that offers remote working. Because of their technological dependence, millennials tend to gravitate toward remote work. They also desire to work remotely and also have flexible schedules to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since most believe that a flexible schedule can help them be more productive, they look for remote opportunities. So, you can consider that remote working will become a key benefit that the employees would be looking for.

2. Removes Geographical Barriers

Remote working has brought down the geographical barriers, enabling businesses to access a global pool of talent. This not only helps you hire skilled and talented individuals worldwide but reduces cost as well. With industries like IT and finance needing people with the right skills, remote working has made it easy to fill up the vacant positions.

Moreover, it is much more cost-effective for a business to hire individuals from around the globe. If your business is in a city like Los Angles, rents and other costs are relatively higher. Whereas, if you have a team working in a lower-cost location, it can help your business reduce overheads.

Also, nationally and internationally spread team offers the flexibility to operate effectively in an international marketplace. Businesses can have diverse teams that bring different ideas to the table, giving businesses a competitive edge.

3. Improve Employee Retention Rates

Hiring and onboarding employees is a lengthy and costly expenditure for any business. Be it an onsite employee or a remote one, once you have the right fit, retaining them is as important as finding them. No company would want to go through the hassle of finding an employee again and again. The exercise is time-consuming and costly.

Therefore, remote working plays a crucial role in employee retention. As mentioned earlier, work-life stability is now becoming extremely valuable to employees. As a result, the flexibility to work remotely and escape regular travel will help to retain valuable employees happy and in place.

Though companies are still reluctant to work remotely, they would eventually have a lower retention rate. Companies providing remote opportunities would have a better chance of retaining their workforce. It would help them build a team that is willing to stay in the long run with the business.

4. Increases Productivity

Many studies show that remote working will increase productivity. According to the State of Work Productivity Study, 65 percent of workers believe a remote work schedule will boost efficiency. The flexible schedule gives people the freedom to work as per convenience. Therefore, it ultimately leads them to choose hours where they would be more productive.

Moreover, the usual office gossips leading towards unproductive politics is eliminated. With distractions like traffic and water-cooler gossips, a lot of productive time is lost. Also, it demoralizes the employees and disputes their productivity.

Thanks to remote working, employees can arrange their regular routines. It would help them enhance efficiency and effectiveness without the disruptions of a traditional office environment.

5. Reduces Overheads

For any business, reducing their costs and overheads is one of their main priorities. Thanks to remote working, it is possible for businesses to save a lot of money in terms of rent, bills, etc. With the majority of your employees working remotely, it would mean that you would need less office space, stationery, and fewer utilities.

Therefore, it would ultimately lead to a decrease in the cost of the business. Cost-effectiveness helps businesses to grow and stay competitive in the market. Moreover, it allows businesses to spend the resources somewhere else that would yield productive results.

Not just businesses, employees can save a lot of money on their side as well. They can now save the money that they spend on commuting to work. Furthermore, it saves them the time and energy that they spend coming to work. So, it is ultimately a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.

Remote Teams are The Future of The Work

With the Covid-19 pandemic far from over, remote working is going to become the new norm. As businesses adopt this new module, they realize the benefits it offers. Reducing overheads to increasing employee loyalty and much more can help you take your business to the next level.

Though there are still some fears regarding remote working for many businesses, the worry of sudden workplace changes leads to tragic misunderstandings and productivity loss. But it can be different if you can get the service of a remote agency that can take care of all these things.

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