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World First DE-FI Social Network Hoobi Global

The HOOBI GLOBAL, an e-commercial application developed by a team of specialized workers, who have combined their expertise to manufacture a first decentralized based social network that entertains a variety of cryptocurrencies and supports ethereum for deposits and withdrawals. It will also provide users with the spending of being accepted as payment gateway alongside related merchants. Utilization of Blockchain technology has to boost up the security of HOOBI GLOBAL; they have developed a confidential communication system with encrypted data and decentralize storage (Blockchain).

The platform issues e-shares via tokens so that new investors can also get an opportunity to become the owners. The investors would receive shares corresponding to symbols, and 85% of the net income from shares is attributed to investors and developers. Remember, shareholding would be more beneficial as it would increase the community size and thus more money.

HOOBI GLOBAL would be the first De-Fi network on Blockchain technology. De-Fi stands for “decentralized finance,” it refers to digital assets, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps) built on Ethereum. In other words, De-Fi is a financial software developed using blockchain. Such utilization again helps to make a platform like HOOBI GLOBAL more secure, and investors can easily invest by giving a small fee and enjoy secured, user-friendly e-commercial applications. Moreover, no worries about the payments, as the payment method is ETH based, making the procedure crystal clear.

Therefore, hands off to Anthoney Krist, a specialized partner, who has combined all the resources to develop a very distinctive decentralized e-commercial app for investors. Professional customer support is there 24/7 to assist investors and solve their queries. HOOBI stock will be released in March 2021 for Korean and South Asian investors. Several milestones are set, including Asian meetings, issuing of visa and master cards, releasing games, and opening of shopping centers.

Current social media networks utilize the constant privatization and monetization of user information, with the end-user receiving no compensation whatsoever. Also, there are so many security concerns regarding applications like Facebook and TikTok, that Facebook has received numerous complaints from individuals and governments. In contrast, the US government has made it illegal to use TikTok on government technological property. While these platforms pose enormous benefits in terms of education and entertainment, it can be difficult to pinpoint where this information came from, if it is verifiable, and how much end users can trust it. Talks about a decentralized social media have surfaced as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said: “For social media, we’d like this team to either find an existing decentralized standard they can help move forward, or failing that, create one from scratch.”

The issues of security and ownership of information are two points in which blockchain would have astronomical capability. Due to the robust nature of a blockchain, information once stored on-chain is immutable, and ecosystems are generated in which users contributing relevant information are rewarded for their participation. Hoobi has acknowledged the demand for verifiable, trustworthy, and mutually beneficial social network implementation and is pioneering the process towards becoming a sustainable platform, enjoyed and utilized by the masses.

Traditional social networks see founders retaining the majority of the profits with end-users offered no monetization opportunities. A bigger community within Hoobi incentivizes users that hold shares and initializes a process that is beneficial to all players. By intertwining blockchain, big data, and mutualism, a sustainable ecosystem ensures that it is in everyone’s best interest to promote relevant content, reputable information and ensure that the platform continues to grow. With early investors acting as founders, they are opportune in exemplifying the ongoing processes within Hoobi and how a social network utilizing blockchain technology has numerous advantages over ones that don’t.

At present basic stock options are presented at $100 for 1000 Hoobi stock, $200 for 2000 Hoobi stock, and $400 for 4000 shares of Hoobi stock. Contributors would share a synonymous relationship with the co-founders as their vision comes to fruition through the beneficiaries of all participating parties. The Hoobi roadmap entails an initial stock release in Korea and Southeast Asia in March of 2021, with plans to be listed on the stock exchange in May of the same year. Looking forward, Hoobi can expect to solidify its standing on major domestic and international stock exchanges, eventually moving towards VISA card issuances in which contributors can utilize funds that were generated from the platform.

With so many companies attempting to revolutionize the way we gather, interpret, and disseminate information, Hoobi seems to be one of the few finally getting it right. A model that incentivizes users to share relevant and verifiable information on social media while utilizing blockchain to assure validity has few if any factors are holding it back. Many are exciting to see how Hoobi continues to develop moving forward, and it will be interesting to see if other companies will soon follow suit.

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