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7 Digital Marketing Trends 2020

The history of search engines, social media, and email accounts is more than 2 decades old. They went through major changes with time.

Some growing trends such as smartphones, voice search, and the popularity of social media websites has given rise to influencer marketing, content quality, and video ads.

Many other changes are happening as you read this article. Let’s discuss 7 key digital marketing trends that marketers should consider to succeed in 2020.

This article explains how leading digital marketing trends in 2020 affect the way people do digital marketing. Continue reading if you want to increase sales leads for a website.

1. Social Influencer Marketing

Who can influence social media the users more than social media influencers? Yes, they can do effective promotion for businesses. For example, if you are a shampoo brand, you can have a beauty vlogger to endorse your brand. You will have to pay that person but the impact that you get in return can be so deep and long-lasting. Using this option, businesses are generating millions in sales volume.

2. Streaming Video Ad Engagement

This is among the most important digital marketing trends for 2020 and the years to come. Text ads still work on search engines and in email accounts but the era of text ads is over on social media; you have to include visual aids to get your ad noticed. If you want to make your social media advertisement fruitful, you have got to include engaging graphics or video clips along with the text.

3. Emerging Tech Rising

It is also one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2020. Some latest tech trends are also penetrating in the digital marketing precinct. 5G technology, internet of things, artificial intelligence, smart homes, and many other trends are shaping the digital world and dragging user behavior in a particular direction. Every digital marketer should study these trends closely to get benefited.

4. Interactive Content Takes Off

Content has long been considered the king when it comes to talking about advertising and promotion. The rule is still intact; content quality is the leading digital marketing trend. Boring, filler, long, and out of context content will not pay off. You have got to create content that is interesting, engaging, attention-seeking, and calls for action. The low quantity is better if it is of high quality and unique.

5. Micro-Moments Go Mainstream

There can be many reasons behind searching a word. Mean to say, people searching the same word may have different intent for doing so. This challenge has given rise to the concept of micro-moments. The concept of micro-moments has been adopted by Google as well and they try to know the intent of the people who are searching on Google. You should also try to know the intent of your user.

6. Social Media Stories Pay Off

Many social networking websites have integrated a dedicated section where people share stories. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the leading websites or apps that allow people to share stories. Every day, millions share their stories on social media and that is why websites such as Facebook and Instagram show ads in stories. This niche within social media advertising is still untapped.7. Content Experiences in Content Marketing

No matter where you are and what you do, the way of expression is important. Just like our routine life, the way of expression is important in the advertising world. Online advertising can become more effective if you manage to mix the right emotions at the right time and in front of the right people. For example, if your audience is crazy about an idea, associate your product or service with that idea to get noticed.

Following the Latest Digital Marketing Trends: The Bottom Line

You have read the top 7 digital marketing trends that are shaping internet marketing rapidly. In the end, we can say that it is important to keep up with the pace of the latest online marketing trends.

Whether you are a digital marketing professional or a business looking forward to increasing sales, you should study further about the techniques that dominate the internet marketing world.

If you do not know how to utilize these new trends or you want professionals to do it for you, you should contact digital marketing companies and choose an agency that suits your needs.

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