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Digital Marketing To Improve Online Presence

In this digital era, how a business portrays itself online is a vital factor for its success. Establishing a good reputation and creating a personal brand has never been more critical for increasing potential sales and gaining loyal customers.

The most common mistake made by most of the businesses is underestimating the power of online presence.

Well, the good news is it’s not necessary to have a digital marketing team of your own. To grow your online presence, you can take help of a Digital Marketing Agency.

A better online presence than your competitors will help you to stay ahead of the curve. Below are some statistics which will give you an idea about how beneficial digital marketing is.

Less Than 64% of Local Businesses Have Their Website.

According to the figures from The SCORE Association (SCORE), 97 per cent of consumers search for products and services online. A website not only helps local businesses to sell and promote their products and services but also allows them to set themselves apart from other local businesses in the same space. For local businesses, who have their website, the conversion rate of online searches to in-store purchases is about 72%. That is why using digital marketing services for the local business website is very beneficial as a local business gets a lot of exposure through digital marketing. It makes a great credible presence of the business in the local area and among their customers.

An Average of More Than 21% of The Marketing Budget is Spent on Advertising by Successful Companies.

Marketing plays an important role to raise awareness among consumers to increase business continuity. Marketing is required at every phase of the product, from its introduction to its growth and until its maturity. Ongoing marketing helps in providing a convincing message that you are taking measures of improving your product’s quality continuously. That is the biggest reason why successful companies are spending on marketing techniques as it is giving their product and services an exposure that they are not getting through traditional marketing. The primary aim of marketing the product is to increase the customers’ base. As the product evolves with time, it is vital to utilise the marketing tools to target the right audience and keep them hooked to your brand. The more visually appealing your advertisement is, the more you will be able to capture your audience.

75% of Consumers Never Scroll Past The First Page of Google Search Results.

Your business website must rank on the first page, irrespective of your industry, to stay ahead of your competitors and to grow potential sales. It is being said that if your website is not visible on the first page of the search engine result page, then you are not in the competition. So it is essential to get the first-page visibility on SERP to get ahead of your competitors and to get a higher conversion rate. And to achieve that SEO can help your website to improve your ranking on search engines. Some of the suggestions to improve your SEO are:

  • Publish relevant content.
  • Identify and target a specific keyword or phrase for each page on your website.
  • Get authority backlinks.
  • Review and update your metadata as your site changes with time.
  • Use alt tags.

40% of Twitter Users Have Bought Something as The Direct Result of an Influencer’s Tweet.

Small and mid-sized businesses expect that only celebrity influencers, who are past their budget, can bring this type of engagement. However, this is not the case. Though the followers of small and local influencers are less, their engagement rate is pretty good, and it makes up for the real-time personalisation of the brand. Recent internet marketing stats show that small and local influencers are safer because they are less likely to get into a controversy which prevents any harm to the brand reputation.

Email Generates $38 for Every $1 Spent, Which is a Great 3,800% Return on Investment.

3.9 billion people use email daily. Email marketing is the best tool because it doesn’t require a huge team to be successful. You can easily make your emails more interesting by using those informative videos, logos and attractive templates to grab your user’s attention. But it would help if you kept in mind that what is most important in an email is the information and content that you want to show to your targeted audience. Some of the most successful businesses use simple plain text email format.

50% of The World’s Population Uses Social Media Handles.

With social media platforms growing in terms of size, each platform has a unique audience.

If you prepare your content based on the target audience of your social media platform, then there is a high chance that you will get noticed. According to a study, it was discovered that 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media would recommend it to their network. Thus it is essential to have a strong social media network to get that brand exposure.

The above statistics show the effectiveness of digital marketing and how crucial it is to have a good digital presence. If you do not leverage the power of the internet, it is not too late. Digital Marketing will give your business a whole new platform where more people will discover you.

If you are based in the northern part of India, use the search term Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida to get a list of digital marketing agencies who can help you in building an excellent digital presence which will eventually lead to the growth of your business. A Digital Marketing Company can handle almost everything from making a new website, writing SEO optimised content to even getting leads for you. All you need to do is focus on making your product better and serve your customers better.

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