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How Did I Start My Proofreading Journey?

Grammar checking is one of the essential parts of the learning process for anyone who wishes to write for publication. One of the difficulties of getting started in writing for publication is that we often forget to proofread our work when we are first getting started.

That’s Why Grammar Checking Is So Important.

Grammar checking requires a little work. If you know the basics of grammar and can determine when you need to make an edit, then you will be able to write with the assurance that your writing will be error-free.

But What Exactly Is Grammar Checking?

When I was first getting started in professional publishing, my editor wanted to check the grammar in every manuscript I sent him. He had a lot of trouble with this as he wasn’t a writer or an editor, but he had heard horror stories about how no one finished a manuscript before it was finished. So he asked me to proofread my work. He insisted that I was the only professional who could tell if I had written something correctly.

But even after all the time he spent, he couldn’t determine what his personal preference was, and we would end up in a debate over which manuscripts were perfect. Sometimes I felt I was the only one who didn’t have a clue as to how the process worked.

I read books about writing that claimed to show the art of grammar checking, and I tried to learn the basics of grammar, but I still felt at a loss as to what type of sentence was correct and which wasn’t. I soon found out that I had made many more errors than most people who were taking this route to become a writer.

And so I took an interest in how to become a better writer. I also found a few great tools to make the job easier and to help me maintain and improve the way I write.

There are many grammar checking and proofreading tools available in the market. But to me, Grammarly is one of the best tools that I have ever tested. However, it is quite expensive for anyone who is just starting his/her writing career. So, I was searching for a good deal. And surprisingly, I found a huge discount on Grammarly. You can also check the article.

Moreover, I began reading books and articles about writing by a professional writer. This helped me to learn the necessary skills needed to write and to edit my work. As a result, I was able to make a few minor changes to my work.

One of the things I learned in these books is that grammar checking is just one aspect of writing that needs to be addressed. Not everything needs to be corrected in every area of writing. Often mistakes are made in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but that’s a separate process, and it’s quite common for a book or a piece of fiction to slip through.

When we do grammatical checking on our works, we often tend to get careless and sloppy about the way we work and how we structure sentences. The final product is usually not as polished and well-written as we’d like it to be.

But as a professional editor, I realized that my clients needed an editor as much as they needed me to review their work. We had to find ways to manage the changes to keep the work in good shape.

To keep my focus and to take advantage of grammar checking, I began using software that checks grammar and other aspects of writing. It combines these aspects into a coherent structure. The result is a faster writing process and is more consistent with our style and sensibilities.

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