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Tik Tok for eCommerce

Tik Tok: Is It A Good Ecommerce Strategy? Where are we in World, and how can social media help us make our online store known?

At this point in our not very social and social life, we should know what Tik Tok is and, above all, what it is used for now.

Tik Tok is an App that owes its luck, most likely, to the beginning of the first wave of the terrible virus that shook the world in March 2020.

Everyone started using the App purely for entertainment, but then it understood that Tik Tok offered profitable solutions for both influencers in reality. An influencer is anyone who has the energy to impact purchasing decisions of others due to his or her authority, position, or relationship with the present on the social network, then for e-commerce.

The mind-boggling numbers of views on user profiles – Tik Toker – and the novelty of a social network used by a range of ages between 13 and 34 have appealed to many brands. A Brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination, but can it be a good strategy for e-commerce to advertising their products on social media?

Theoretically, the platform’s numbers would indicate an affirmative answer. However, in reality, Tik Tok still presents “flaws” that cannot be ignored for the user experience of a possible consumer.

However, what is certain is that if Facebook has always been the number one social platform to collect information on your public of interest, Tik Tok certainly is to the nth degree.

With all the videos told and acted by people who use social media to narrate their problems, expectations, and lifestyle, such as the #morningroutine trend, people spontaneously show their consumption habits – information to offer the perfect target.

Another reason why it could be interesting for e-commerce to be present on Tik Tok is to do In digital marketing.

For sure, collecting contacts to take out the Tik Tok platform is a strategy that I feel I can recommend.

In this avant-garde landscape that sees social commerce increasingly coming forward, Shopify was the first to take advantage of Tik Tok for online shopping.

Let’s go to deepen.

The Topic of This Post

  1. Shopify And Tik Tok: A Beautiful Alliance
  2. Is Tik Tok a Platform That Can Fit All E-commerce?
  3. What Kind of Advertisements are There Now on Tik Tok?

Shopify and Tik Tok: A Beautiful Alliance

Some have already seen a lot about this collaboration.

Shopify has teamed up with Tik Tok to increase its customer base. Merchants featured on Shopify can sell their products directly through promotional videos.

Sellers on Shopify can use the functions of Tik Tok for business ads manager to create videos through which users can buy.

IT is an integration that Shopify has done with Tik Tok, but which is not yet available in Italy at the moment.

The number one advantage of the purchase is that it takes place directly, without leaving the platform.

What is The Other Big Pro of This Alliance?

Thanks to the considerable number of people on the social network, an immensity of views of promotional videos.

Although the number of users on Tik Tok is also considerable in Europe, we are still a little behind the experimental phase of this integration.

Is Tik Tok a Platform That Can Fit all E-commerce?

Not all brands/products are suitable for all social platforms.

I’ll explain. It is not said that just because a social network exists, we must necessarily think it is suitable for advertising.

Before acting, it is necessary to study the possibilities offered by the platform carefully.

The big limit of Tik Tok now is the target audience, too narrow as a band to sponsor any product. If you turn to generation Z, the one most present on the social network, you certainly cannot advertise insurance services or alcohol, for example.

For now, Tik Tok can be an excellent study platform for e-commerce, but it is not yet a virtual world that all companies can use.

Furthermore, another big problem of Tik Tok is the duration of the promotional videos, which cannot exceed 60 seconds, and this requires a much more focused communication, able to catch people’s attention.

That’s is why many companies use user profiles directly, with their 30,000 views per day,

Three points to study before starting to use Tik Tok if you are “curious about” e-commerce.

Some Factors Need To Be Considered Before Bringing Your Business To Tik To:

What express and what unspoken need do Tik Tok users have? – it seems a foregone question, but you can’t think of not studying the Tik Tok audience before posting your videos on the social network. You always need to know your target audience;

What type of communication should be used on Tik Tok? It is essential to adapt to the users’ TOV on the platform;

You have to be involved in the forum. And yes, because it is not enough to follow our audience, it takes an adequate community management activity to study the potential target in depth.

What Kind of Advertisements are There Now on Tik Tok?

We assume that currently, there are few brands present on the social network. Right now, the most present is Shein, a well-known women’s clothing brand.

At the moment, the advertisements – simple promotional videos – that appear most often concerned:

  • Clothing
  • Kitchen products
  • Hair products
  • App for doing gymnastics at home

Tik Tok for eCommerce

We are still in decidedly uncharted territory, although the platform has been in vogue for a year already. However, other categories come to mind that could be very interesting to exploit on Tik Tok, such as:

  • Products for the care of your pets
  • Sportswear
  • Home gym equipment

The future sees e-commerce increasingly hand in hand with social networks.

Social commerce will invest in the world of Tik Tok very soon: it will aim more and more to sell directly to people, targeting the offer as much as possible.

That’s insurance shopping experience will probably be very much related to entertainment. Indeed, for more than one reason, e-commerce must have eyes on the social network of the moment and not miss a vital evolution.

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