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Class 12 Boards Exams

Class 12 boards exams are important because they serve as a bridge between the school level and college. It is widespread for students to be stressed about these tests, but it is essential to put in your best effort and prepare well to gain an opportunity to get into any college of your choice. 

Blog post-intro paragraph:   Some people don’t know how hard and stressful class 12 boards exams can be, especially at this stage in their life where everything seems confusing. These tests determine whether or not one will have access to higher education. To avoid stress during this time, one should take care of themselves with proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, etc., as well as study adequately for the exam with practice questions from previous years papers.

Ten Tips To Clear Class 12 Board Exams : 

  1. First and foremost, make sure you are well versed with the concept. 
  2. Work on your weak areas regularly.  Make a list of them, prioritize by marking those in red color as ‘must know.’ Once you have finished your revision, mark the topics again to see what’s left and which needs more work. 
  3. Revise Important formulae of maths regularly. 
  4. Practice, practice, and practice is the critical ingredient for success! For each topic, keep practicing at least 5-10 questions under timed conditions until you can solve it in minimum time without making any marks or using scratch papers. This will help you master the subject quickly and boost your self-confidence for exams and all the subjects. 5) While practicing, try to eliminate as many previous marks and scratch papers(old sheets of paper) from your workbook or notebook, to reduce stress factors during the exam. 
  5. Revise Important Questions (up to 20-25 questions per topic/subject) thoroughly in the last few days before exams, and this will make you familiar with the question pattern which type of questions are asked and how topics are related to each other and on what basis they can be connected. This also helps in improving time management skills. 
  6. During revision, do not panic if some chapters don’t have enough time left before exams, instead spend more time on those chapters where you are lagging, then go through everything else quickly that you don’t need to prepare. 
  7. Don’t try to cover everything. Focus on critical topics which are high scoring for you in exams. 
  8. Doing multiple mock-tests or questions is good, but don’t memorize the solution of them. Instead, master the logic behind it by reading the explanation provided along with the answer (if available). 
  9. Rearrange your revision plan at least twice before finalizing it. As many times as possible, change the order of chapters or subjects. This helps keep your interest and motivation level alive and avoid rut situations where you get bored with the same study plan routine.

The Class 12 boards exams are a critical juncture in an Indian student’s life. It decides their future and is the ultimate test of knowledge before they enter college or university. For this reason, it deserves your full attention! Visit Learning Potato to prepare for your class 12 boards exam with our expert team of teachers who will make sure you get everything right on paper so that when the big day comes, you can be confident going into battle! 

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