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IIT Delhi to Offer AI Courses in its School of Artificial Intelligence 

IIT Delhi establishes School of AI: Offering Degree and Professional Courses

There are more than 22000 Ph.D. researchers across the world in AI, according to Global AI Talent Report 2018. According to the same report, India has only around 380 researchers. Even more miserable fact is that only 50 researchers are engaged in serious research in AI in leading institutes, including IIMs, IITs, and IISc.

With these figures in mind, there is a strong need to promote R&D in AI, and it is essential not just to get the most of several sectors, but also make India AI-ready in this competition during the global crisis. Many nations like the USA and China are on the verge of adopting a healthy ecosystem to boost GDP.

IIT Hyderabad, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Madras, and Punjab University are some of the institutes offering courses in Machine Learning and AI, and IIT Delhi is joining this trend by announcing the School of Artificial Intelligence, an independent establishment in its campus. There is just a limited population of researchers on AI in India. So, the new school from the institute will offer a Ph.D. in AI. It will be a great boon to the techies who couldn’t find good research opportunities in India.

IIT Delhi Director added, “There is a great need for an educational program in AI as existing degrees are broad, and they are not easy to learn the depths of several subfields for students in AI.” The School of AI will help the institution improve its presence in India, but it also helps make the country AI-ready.

There are no specific courses based on AI to date in IIT Delhi, but it took a big step by giving many techno startups who went into deep tech and made a presence in AI. The co-founder of Vehant Technologies, Kapil Badreja, is one of those examples. Vehant is a tech startup based in Noida which has designed FebriEye, a camera for social distance monitoring, face mask detection, and body temperature scanning using its AI algorithms.

Many alumni like Sanjiv Goyal have completed his Master’s degree from IIT Delhi in Technology and is a strong supporter of AI. It can be seen in several works done by him in his techno career. He is the co-founder and CEO of Extent AI, established in 2019. Another IIT Delhi alumnus is the founder of Boundary Holding based in Luxembourg, which invests in deep tech and AI, Rajat Khare.

He has opinionated about the newly established School of AI and added, “IIT Delhi has taught AI for over 20 years already and has been a leader in AI research. So, it is pronounced that it happened, and it is surely a sign of positivity.” With the increasing reliance on the country’s progress on its capability related to AI, the foundation of ScAI by IIT Delhi marks a significant event in AI. India is currently in the 5th position when it comes to AI jobs and companies. However, it is still lagging in terms of research. Hopefully, a new school will be helpful to fill the gap.

IIT Delhi is planning to make ScAI a one-stop destination for government, industry, and civil societies to invest or collaborate on expanding AI and addressing the issues that people face in this domain with analytical and technical experience.

IIT Delhi is also planning to bring over 50 faculty staff in IIT Delhi under the school dedicated separately to several parts of AI. According to the institute, a cohesive group will provide dedicated hiring of faculty staff in AI and students to improve visibility across the world. The IIT claims that it will be the dedicated hub for government and industries that want to collaborate or invest in AI. A lot of faculty members are going to take appointments together in school.

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