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Is The A+ Certification Worth It

Will You Be Paying To Get An A + Certificate?

There is a lot of back and forward with this on the one hand of real supporters who say that you cannot be voted without for the a+ salary critics who say that A + is so simple that it is unacceptable and, as is almost always the case, both are wrong.

Different Ways In Which A + Can “Pay.”

A question that is not fully understood will usually create confusing answers. When do we answer the question, “Do you pay for A + certification?”

1) If it gives you a higher payment that reflects the high value of the certificate.

2) If your job ends when you are competing with someone who is applying for the same job but is not certified.

3) If the certification process is so successful that you need to gain new skills/knowledge, you will be satisfied.

How Much Do You Know?

Where you are in your profession will have a significant impact on which of the three scenarios above may be relevant to your situation.

If you are new to the business with minimal experience, or 2, then that is the key. You don’t worry about making 20% ​​more than anything. You worry about doing that job that will be your foot in the door.

If you already have a few years of experience, 1,) above might be relevant to you.

If three comes to fruition, in the long run, this will lead to faster, higher occupational safety/stability, and ultimately better pay.

As you can see, the “if” is one of the three concepts above. Let’s take a closer look at the data and try to understand what the answers are.

Computer Service Compensation Scale And A + Certification

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PC Repairman’s outlook is attractive, with the expected growth rate of 17% in 2012-2022. Because demand drives the price, technicians expect an average salary of $ 48,900 per year (for more information, see CertBlaster’s salary review for computer technicians). It is essential to understand that this figure is the national average, and many subscribers are currently much less paid. The two most important factors for this difference are A) geography – technology in Boise, Idaho does not accept the same pay as a Manhattan technician (on the other hand, it does not pay the same rent ) and B) knowledge. There is a big difference between zero and, say, three years of experience. Nevertheless, let’s try to get a more detailed picture of what this payment looks similar.

According to ComputerWorld’s salary analysis, CompTIA A + accredited technology had an average salary of $ 50,364 in 2010.” According to statistics, let’s see if they are offered compared to actual job offers.

Experience Versus Certification

Experience versus certification is always an essential consideration when it comes to IT accreditation, but even more so when it comes to A + certification. Why? Because the A + certification is an entry-level certification, experience concerning the enigma of accreditation can be particularly acute for job seekers. It’s a problem with all those announcements that require knowledge that newly trained and recently A + certified people have to face. Don’t get me wrong, just because this problem exists doesn’t make entry-level certification unusable, as some will say. Although I have no studies on this, I have always believed that the candidate in this position without guarantee will have a much longer job search than the one in his CV. What I have seen are employers who have just had the opportunity to make someone new and inexperienced, even when their ideal scenario requires experience. There is no doubt that the employer who is predictable with two more or less equal questions in that situation will reduce the risk by hiring the certified candidate.

If you are a newcomer to the trade and you, know that you only come across ads that require experience, sign up somewhere. Offer your free support services to a local non-profit organization, a local high school, or university. It doesn’t matter, even a few months, because the developers have seen a difference in life between any experience and some capacity. In part, this is the case, even after months of volunteering, you have little experience but also a professional benchmark in attending the table. This is very important as it will help reduce your potential employer’s employment risk.

The Impact Of A + On The Likely Cap Of Getting The Job

We have covered the A + certification compared to none of the above certification. Besides, there are situations in which employers only hire + certified technicians. The most common situations in which they occur are 1) the suppliers with whom the employer works will only allow A + certified technicians to perform warranty work, 2) the company is an A + certified service center, which means that at least half of their technicians must be certified.

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