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Technology in Education

Would it be wrong to say that today the world is about technology only? Would there be no existence or progress of a society that lacks the usage of technology? Yes! There’s a boom in the ed-tech industry. It’s been reported that small businesses have an annual market of $8 billion-plus for hardware and software. However, the most use of it has been started adopting by teachers and students. Undoubtedly, they are making effective use out of the new technologies.

But another study states by making it clear that teachers aren’t quick learners of technology. This way, their teaching method is being affected as they require time to learn. Although technology is now present in their classes, they are still struggling. We don’t have solid evidence that shows if learning is being affected because of the adaption of technology. The most heard concern from the teachers and parents is the distraction that’s caused by technology. But as per the progress seen in the students, it is visible that students are more comfortable in learning with the new method of learning rather than the traditional one.

The Challenges Developed By The Technology

Where we see the advantages and some disadvantages of the technology, there also lies some challenges. These challenges have been brought into consideration by state and federal lawmakers.

Hurdle in The Way of Teachers

The students are enjoying technology, but at the same time, the teachers are facing a significant challenge in accepting it. They are completely unprepared for the acceptance. It seems like they have doubled their aggression.

When there’s a requirement for a specific technology, the teachers are left blank. They find it very difficult and, most of the time, fail to produce successful teaching strategies.

Struggle To Accept The Change

The struggle of technology can be in many ways. The main challenge highlighted by the reports is “lack of comfort with technology.” According to the study, it is found that not only teachers but the schools themselves collapse while meeting the demand of technology. But, one important thing is “survival.” No educational institute can survive if they aren’t on the same pace and follow the new trends today. However, to keep up with the demand, the teachers face several issues and consider it not part of their job description.

New Models Introduced in Schools

The modules that were never part of the curriculum have now been introduced. The reason for adding this is the competition going on. How smart and advanced a school is analyzed by how efficiently they are using the resources of technology. There was never online studying, but now, we see this global shift. And also, this is the hottest topic that has been discussed worldwide.

Distant education is being covered. Did anyone ever think a person sitting at the peak of a mountain enjoying vacations is taking classes with the help of technology? IT has now become a compulsory subject in most schools. Not only this, there is a massive demand for computer science, software engineering, and other technology-based careers.

The Essence of Formal Learning is Missing

There was a time when students were regular, punctual, and well-dressed present in their classes. But now, the time is the opposite. The new generation students will never experience school life because the classes make their place online. It is observed students aren’t aware of what does formal learning means. If they aren’t in the mood of attending school, they’ll take a class online, and lessons are shared on WhatsApp, tasks are posted on google classroom or a Facebook group. In this, where is the discipline being followed? It may sound cool to the students of today’s generation, but the reality is, the quality of education is compromised.

Students aren’t aware of what’s been taught, and at the time of doing assignments or dissertations, they end up taking write my essay or assignment writing services for their relief.

Non-Success of The New Method of Conducting Exams

What a student has learned in a year is accessed at the time of examination. Previously, before the advancement of technology, there was a physical way of conducting exams. Students were supposed to prepare themselves for a written exam. But, things and situations have changed. The exams are moving towards digital medium as well. It was observed during the pandemic, and students were giving finals from home while their webcam was on. Will this way the school and teachers will be able to evaluate the performance of a student? Maybe not! The teachers can’t visit each student’s house individually and check.

Does No Wifi Mean No Studies?

As per the new era requirement, the schools have installed every possible resource beneficial for the students. But, how can we forget the role of wifi? It looks fascinating and attractive seeing those big computer screens installed in classrooms, students sitting in front of it, learning new methods. And suddenly there is an internet breakage. Things will not move in the same direction as they were. And here comes the role of high-internet connectivity.

On most occasions, when planning about the infrastructure of the school, this matter is ignored. You have to make sure that your school isn’t missing the high upgraded internet for its students when you continue with technology. Or else, the whole day could be a waste.

The Finale,

Being upgraded with technology and new means of communication isn’t wrong at all. You can ace with your standard, beat your competitors with the best facilities for your students, and set a benchmark.

The thing that shouldn’t be neglected is the quality of education. The challenges mentioned above clearly show no matter how big an institute is, but their problems are mutual.

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