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Tips to Keep in Mind When Moving to Student Accommodation

For the first time, you will search for student accommodation in Sheffield. So, it would be best if you were flustered thinking about how to go about it. Don’t think much as this article can help you. You do not have to take advice from that college senior who has no idea what he is talking about. Instead, you can review the list of factors we have compiled. Factors that will help you look for the best student accommodation comprises of:

Make a budget

It would be best if you started by making a budget. You can go for student accommodation in Sheffield hunting to narrow down all the options easily. Nothing comes from looking at places that will not fit your budget and getting disappointed later. The best thing will be to get our finances together for the year so you know what your year will look like. It is also nice to keep some emergency money, leaving aside tuition fees, entertainment money, and miscellaneous expenses. If you are going to be studying at Sheffield, you can save a lot. Student halls are more affordable than any part of the city.

Size of the accommodation

Sometimes we like to believe that bigger is better. However, that is not always the case. When getting an apartment, consider how many people will be rooming with you, how many rooms there are, and how the cost might be higher. If you live alone, you do not have to go for four bedroom apartment, and you could not afford them anyway.


It is the best thing about student accommodations. Some will offer just basic amenities, while others will throw in a few extra amenities in exchange for increased monthly rent. Now it completely depends on how essential each of them is to you. But if you ask us, healthy meals, good ventilation, a hygienic washroom, and an AC are things you should not compromise upon.

Furnished or unfurnished

This has upsides to both options, but it is something you can consider. Getting an already furnished apartment means you do not have to spend money on your stuff and do not have to move it out at the end of the year. On the other hand, the students can generally be messy, and staining the furniture means you do not get your deposit back when you move out. It is all up to you what you look for.

Safety and Security

We know you are at the age when your safety and security concern all your parents more than you. But we suggest you do not take it too lightly. Trust us that you do not want to live in student accommodation where you cannot chill with your friends. Check for CCTV cameras or other security surveillance.

Noise level

The noise inside the building shall not be your only concern. There is no noise outside the building. If you are near a building under construction, it can make your place noisy for the entire year. If you are next to a freeway, you can easily have issues sleeping at night. Decide for yourself what noise level is acceptable. You can easily take it into account while looking.

Safe area

The students are generally easy targets for pickpockets and muggers, and they are unlikely to fight back and tend to be a bit more naïve about where they walk at night. Keep this in mind when you search for a place. Think about if the area is one you feel safe living in and if you will have to walk very dark at night to get to and from public transport spots or your car. If you feel uneasy, do not do it. You must trust your instincts on this one.


Another important thing to keep in mind is roommates. When you are in double, triple, or quadruple-sharing student accommodation, doing a prior check with your roommates is important. Of course, not every place will allow you to do so, and you will only get introduced on the day of moving. You can talk to your batchmates or seniors looking to change their roommates. You can look for a vibe check then, and if everything seems to be okay, you can look for a place together.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new student accommodation can be difficult. But with a few points in mind, you can easily make the whole process smooth. If you are willing to a new place, research well, explore all the options, and make the right decision.

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