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Exhibition Stand Design Trends

2021 is almost here, and businesses are already coming up with ideas and making decisions on how to take part in an exhibition where they can safely create a useful exhibition stand with the best shell scheme panels and display board printing. It is not exactly clear as to how exhibitions will take place in the future and what kind of precautions will be required on the part of the businesses participating in these exhibitions, but that doesn’t mean people will not start planning.

Things will look up soon, and businesses will be gearing up and going all-in to get all the traction and traffic they might have lost in the last few months. There are several things which might sound very basic, like exhibitions, boards or exhibitions display. Still, only businesses know how important these things turn out to be when you are participating in an exhibition to promote your business.

1. Be More Concept Specific:

People are always more attracted to something that feels creative and is not just innovative in the way it looks but also in the way it functions. When you come up with an exhibition panel design that is creative, and that focuses on concepts, you will always gain more traffic towards your stand.

All the major modern design trends are based and dependent on how you also design the content. It was never really about just the design. The design and the content need to be brought together in such a way that it can create a strong voice that can have an impact.

Concepts do not have to be something that says big things, but it has to do big things by saying out the small things. Make use of good content on your exhibition display board. Tell a story that will attract people instantly. You need not do this verbally or by writing lengthy prose. Just getting your marketing team to come up with words that can work their magic is enough.

2. Small is Sometimes Better:

Businesses often think that to stand out in an exhibition center among their competitors, they need to make a huge exhibition display or large shell scheme panels only then they other people will know they are doing something of importance. But that is not true.

Sometimes, size doesn’t matter. Being present at an exhibition center is not about filling up space and being more massive than everyone present around. Still, it is doing things in a way that seems plausible and convince people to come towards you to get to know you better. Sometimes you can manage to attract the right number of audience and the correct type of audience with a well planned and well designed, slightly smaller exhibition display. When you go with a smaller size, you have a limited space to work with, so it pushes you to be better in that limited space and make the most of it. So you end up putting out only what is essential and what matters to your customers.

Exhibition display stands do not have to be big; they can be small and still be more functional. You can have smaller size exhibition boards or exhibition panels and position them strategically and even come up with a conceptual exhibition stand. This will not only help you in saving space but also cut down on unnecessary costs of printing large exhibition display boards.

3. Minimalistic Display Board Printing:

Minimalistic design and prints have been around for quite some time now. Almost every part of a business is now learning to adopt the minimalistic way of doing things, right from business operations to office designs. Then why is the same not being applied to display board printing?

Businesses have tried it in the past, but maybe they were not convincing enough. But we are sure that applying a minimalistic design approach to your display board printing will be much more helpful in the coming years than it has been in the past. This will allow you to focus on things that truly matter rather than filling the exhibition panel with unnecessary fluff. We are sure, using minimalistic techniques with the right kind of lighting will work wonders for your next exhibition stand.

Minimalism is not a recent trend, be it for designers or businesses. It has been present, but only got appreciated in recent times where less is more is the only motto most people and companies like to follow. This is better not only to save resources and costs, but it also proves to be environmentally friendly.

4. Increase Interaction:

All the points mentioned above, be it about minimalistic display board design or coming up with smaller exhibition stands, or even making more use of concepts and content in your exhibition display boards bring us to our final closing point of this set.

All these things come together to increase interaction between the business and its potential customers. Provide opportunities and activities that are more interactive. Try being more active rather than being passive with your approach. Creating an interactive space doesn’t have to be as tricky as it sounds, it is all about dividing the space properly and making use of it in a way that allows your customers to interact with your brand freely.

Be Your Best Creative Self.

Bringing all the design tricks mentioned above will help you come up with something simple yet sensational. Push the boundaries at your next business exhibition by being more creative and focusing more on content, let your exhibition stand do the talking for you.

Keeping your products and services at the center of each idea and just going ahead with that conviction to present the best side of your business will help a lot. Be it shell scheme graphics or the size of your exhibition panel or the foamex board printing, keep your brand image and your products in mind, you will do the right thing.

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