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How To Make The Most Out of Your Netflix Experience

Do you ever feel that your experience on Netflix was not what you thought it would 2be? You are not alone. However, the problem may be at your end partially. It could be that you did not do your research. I used to make the same mistake when I used Spectrum TV stream or any other service. However, all can be set right.

To things more clear and allow you to have a better experience with Netflix here are all the tips:

Look At The Ratings

Before you decide to watch any show or movie, you should check its ratings. There is a reason why these ratings exist. And the most reliable ones are the ones you get from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. So, even if your friends are telling you to watch a particular show or movie, you need to head to Google and search for the ratings first.

Please do not rely on Netflix ratings because they are often biased. And you might end up watching a show or movie that wasn’t good AT ALL. Did you know that there is a way to eliminate the Google step and add the ratings to your Netflix automatically? All you have to do is I stall NEhancer on your Google Chrome. And you will get both these ratings on Netflix.

Remove Past Movies and Shows

Another thing that you should do is removing the past shows and movies from your Netflix account. Because the chances are that you are sharing your Netflix account with friends or family members. And you do not want them to see if you binge-watched an embarrassing show or movie. You might think that no one can know what you watched. However, that is not true. Everyone who logs into your account can understand as the ‘Continue Watching’ tab will make it obvious.

Here are easy steps on how you could delete your account history:

  • Click on the icon that you see on the top right of your screen
  • Look for the account’s viewing activity
  • Delete or remove the shows and movies that appear in your history

Hidden Categories

Were you aware of the fact that Netflix has hidden categories as well? If NO, then it’s high time that you should explore them and make your Netflix experience better. This might sound technical and creepy, but someone figured out a way to look for these hidden categories through the URL.

So, all you have to do is add specific numbers that are related to each category in the URL, and that category will show up. This is one way of going about it. However, it is not advisable to go in this way. Instead, you can now access an app called Netflix Super Browse that shows all of these categories to you.

All you have to do is add this app (it is a Google Chrome add-on), and Netflix will display a drop-down list of categories for you automatically. In case you are curious, one of the famous hidden categories is military documentaries.

Watching Show Together from Afar

Another amazing discovery that I made while exploring Netflix was the fact that you do not have to be in the same house or room as your friends to watch the same show or movie together. Did that surprise you? It was shocking for me as well to learn this fact.

In case you are wondering how this happens, then you have to launch a Netflix watch party. Yes, there is a watch party for it as well. However, there is a little something that you need to do before you can make use of this feature. You and your friends need to add a Google add-on – Netflix Party. Both sides need to have it to make use of the feature.

Control with Phone

You do not need a remote to control Netflix. Were you aware of this fact? All you need is a phone, and almost everyone has one. So, if you get stuck in a situation where remote isn’t available, or you cannot find your laptop, then you can make use of your mobile to fix this issue. All you would have to do is install the app Remote on Netflix. You would have to pay a minimal amount for installing the app. However, it is worth all your money.

Hope that this blog post is of help to you. In case you do not want to subscribe to Netflix, you can always look for the best cable service providers in Arkansas. The good ones air almost all the top trending and famous shows.

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