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Where To Upload Your Music on The Internet

Having written music or recorded a song, any musician wants his work to be heard by as many people as possible. And the Internet makes it possible. This article will tell you about the main sites and services you can post your music and even make money. Sometimes, you will need to get an IP law registration for your projects to keep them original and away from the cheaters.

Where To Upload Your Music On The Internet?

So, I’ll start with the site, perhaps the most famous on the Russian Internet. Promo DJ… Here you can create a page for your music project (group), design it, upload your music, video clips, photos, blog, post announcements, track statistics of visits, downloads, and listening. Moreover, the page address will be located on a third-level domain. It is allocated for all 1.5 gigabytes, and if you do not have enough of it, you can always buy additional space, though not for all the time, but a certain period. Now the place is allocated for the money.

Also, you can participate in remix contests held here by well-known and not-so-famous performers on this site, with good prizes. (for example, recently there was competition from MOBY ) You can create your podcast and listen to the general one, choosing by style. There is also a radio and TV on the site.

Real Music

The next site on my list is Real Music. It has been working since 2000. In terms of design, it is simpler, but in terms of the number of listeners and groups, it does not lag behind Promo DJ. There are no restrictions on disk space for your tracks on the site, which pleases. The only thing is that the file should not be more than 40 megabytes. It is also possible to blog, upload videos, post poems, track statistics on streams and downloads as onPromo DJ has its radio.


Another interesting site is called Kroogi… Here you can upload your music, clips, video art, books, photographs. For your work on this site, you can receive money from listeners and viewers who want to thank you. You can specify the recommended amount. You can pay on the site using a credit card,

Sound Cloud

I highly recommend registering on Sound Cloud… This is a vast music portal. And if you want to achieve fame, then be sure to upload your music here. Support for direct publishing to this site is available in almost all music applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone). Free space is allocated for 2 hours of sound. That is, you can upload 2 of your albums.

On Pro (3 euros per month), there are seats for 4 hours, and on Unlimited (9 euros per month) respectively, there are no restrictions. A very convenient player here does not turn off when you go to another page on this site. It is convenient to listen to new tracks of your friends and subscribers while continuing to surf in search of new ones.

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