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Best Wholesale Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making!

If you are a woman, you must have worn bracelets, necklaces, or any other type of jewelry at least once. Also, you have noticed how the beads are a part of the jewelry product.

These best wholesale gemstone beads in the USA usually come in various types, including material, shapes, weight, and sizes.

To be precise, gemstone beads create unique and beautiful jewelry. Wondering what are some of them? Well, then keep reading until the end to know more.

What are Gemstone Beads?

Gemstone beads can be considered semi-precious and come in various sizes and shapes.

To be precise, the type of shapes they may come in are faceted, chips, cabochons, smooth round, etc. Other than that, these include natural gemstones, improved gemstones, and artificially created or rebuilt materials.

Which Beads are Used in Jewelry Making?

Here are a few best gemstone beads you can use for jewelry making and enhancing your style immediately.

Bone Beads

These are one of the most popular beads used by people over centuries.

Though they are enhanced in appearance, their way of manufacturing remains the same, which takes place manually from animal bones.

The bones of the animals are carved into various shapes to create these gemstones and are lighter in weight than other materials.

Ceramic Beads

The ceramic beads are made using clay and ceramic materials. These are first shaped in their moist state and then hardened under heat.

After that, they are given a gorgeous polish to get a glazed finish. These can be used to create vibrant color tones and are available in various sizes, further used to create jewelry.

Coral Beads

Coral beads are very popular and have the attention of almost every jewelry lover. These beads come from different kinds of coral and are completely harmless to sea life.

When these beads are collected, they are cut into various shapes and sizes to create a piece of perfect jewelry for one. Not to mention, necklaces made from these stunning beads look highly aesthetic.

Wood Beads

The next popular types of beads used to create jewelry are these. They come from natural wood and are carved to create a perfect shape.

After that, they are polished and given a natural tone to enhance your appearance. These simple needs are worn as necklaces and bracelets mostly.

Freshwater Pearl Beads

Pearl jewels have been popular for centuries and are no less than considered treasures. They are available in a natural shape and size from the time they are harvested.

This means they are not processed in much of an artificial way. On the other hand, pearl beads are available in various colors, while the rest of the time, they are dyed.

Glass Beads

Lastly comes glass beads that have a translucent appearance and look very natural. Having a variety of hues present, they look simple and elegant.

These are available in limited shapes, colors, and sizes. Mostly, they are seen to be worn as bracelets and necklaces.

Get Unique Jewelry Made From Pure Gemstone Beads

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