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Guide For Plus Size Brides Saree

Hello peeps! The wedding season is around the corner, and we are sure you are all geared up in the preparation of your big day. But are you a member of the plus-size bride club, worried about your figure is an issue on your special day? Don’t you worry! We are here to your rescue, making sure that you look gorgeously beautiful on your special day!

Indian weddings and ethnic wear go hand in hand. From beautiful designer lehenga cholis to gowns and sarees, every piece is designed to bring splendid bling on the face and look of every Indian bride.

But being a curvy woman, you might be in confusion about your bridal saree look. You might feel like your curves are going to be on display in that bridal saree. But there’s nothing to worry about. You should be confident and proud of your body and ignore what other people say!

Here We Have Some Fantastic Tips For You That Will Help You Rock Your Saree Look As A Bride!

#1. Be a Confident Bride

Whether you are a plus-size bride or a zero size one, your wedding day will be the most awaited and memorable day of your life. So, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t even bother about what people will think or say about your curvy body! Your wedding should be all about you and the one who chose you just the way you are. So, relax, take a deep breath, and wear whatever you make feel beautiful.

#2. Nothing is Too Much for Your Size

Being a plus-size woman, you must be tired of hearing comments and suggestions like, “wear something sober that suits your size,” “this dress is too exposing for a plus-size bride,” or “go for colors that make you look slimmer.” These comments are nothing more than some stereotypes.

Be open to trying anything and everything that you wish to. Selecting a bridal outfit means getting exposed to a wide variety of choices. You never know, a dress you avoid just because you think it will bring all the focus on your plus size might end up giving you the prettiest bridal look.

#3. Opt for Softer Fabrics

The fabric of a bridal saree matters a lot. And especially when you are a plus-size bride blessed with a few extra curves, you need to opt for softer fabrics. There are fabrics like cotton, few silk-like Tussar, etc. that tend to stay stiff. Such fabrics will make you look heavier.

Hence, it would help if you went with softer and flowy fabrics that suit your curves, making you look slimmer and taller. You can look for a few fabrics in your bridal sarees, including silk (soft silk specifically), georgette, chiffon, net fabrics, satin, etc.

#4. The Right Color for Your Bridal Sarees

We girls are usually very conscious of the colors of our apparel. We all are well aware of how the colors of our clothes affect our overall look.

So, make sure that you pick the right colors for your bridal sarees. Being a plus-size bride, you should opt for darker or brighter shades. The pastel or light shaded wedding sarees are just not your suit. Darker shades will give a finer definition to your curves and give you a proper traditional Indian bridal look.

Some of the dark bridal shades that are very trendy include maroon, wine, bottle green, and our all-time favorite red.

#4. Minimal Border Sexier Look

Whenever you shop for your wedding saree, try to avoid sarees with broader borders as much as you can. We know that borders are necessary for beautiful traditional sarees, but you can play with its size, right?

For plus size brides, minimal borders are better. It would help if you opted for a bridal saree that has thin border detailing. Beautiful sarees with thin border details will give you a glamorous look like a bride.

Also, a thin pleated pallu will be a better option for you if you are a plus-size bride. Wide or loose pallu might end up making you look broader and thicker.

#5 Your Comfort, Your Priority!

When we talk about Indian bridal looks, heavy traditional bridal accessories and clothes come to mind. And these bridal jewelry and dresses bring out the best version of you on your big day.

But, what you need to remember is that your comfort matters a lot. You must opt for a look that makes you comfortable in and out.

The look of a saree enhances with its blouse. And when we talk about bridal blouses, there is a wide range of designer options available out there in the market. Don’t go behind trends and choose to wear cut sleeves or short sleeves blouses. Instead, opt for a blouse design that suits your curves and make you look slimmer.

Long sleeves blouses will make you look slimmer. On the other hand, cut sleeves or short sleeves will bring your arms on a leash. However, if you are comfortable with your body and arm fat, you can wear whichever style you want.

Additionally, long sleeve blouses are very fashionable and give an elegant charm to your bridal look.

#6. Wear Your Saree The Right Way

In India, there are many different styles of draping a saree. The way you drape your saree makes all the difference. Make sure that you wear your bridal saree in a way that flaunts your curves in the right way and makes you look slimmer. Here are some tips you can use while draping your saree-

Wear a lovely saree shapewear under your saree. This will flaunt your figure perfectly when you drape your wedding saree.

Wear your bridal saree very neatly. A clumsy draped saree will make you look chubbier.

If you are thinking of wearing a printed saree, make sure that you go with small prints. Also, never wear a saree with horizontal lines on it. Big prints and horizontal lines will make your curvy body look curvier.

#7. Hair Should Do The Trick

Whenever we get ready for any occasion, hairstyles take the first place in our priority list. A perfect hairstyle changes your overall look from a normal to an outstanding one. So as a curvy bride, you should opt for hairstyles that complement your face. Don’t go with tightly tucked back hairstyles. Such hairstyles will make your face look bigger.

The perfect hairstyles for plus-sized brides include side or low buns, beautifully embellished braids, open hairstyles, etc.

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