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Guide to Saree Shopping Online

Saree is one of the most famous and chose attire when it comes to traditional Indian Dresses from the Indian subcontinent. Every girl knows how elegant and beautiful they look in a saree, so they never miss out on a chance to wear them. India is full of different cultures and traditions, so every state and city is kind of saree like Banarasi saree from Varanasi, bandhani saree from Gujarat, Kasavu saree from Kerala, Tant from West Bengal, Muga from Assam, etc. Every type of saree has its significance and specialty. And the best part is that a saree looks elegant on everyone and every body type.

Some may find it difficult to carry it initially because of pleats, but once they started wearing it, they will feel comfortable in it. Indian Saree looks best on every occasion, and it will not disappoint you in stealing people’s attention. You can also rock with a simple saree with some work on the border with heavy matching jewelry. You can wear a saree to a small get-together function, formal party or a big wedding as well. Some sarees are damn expensive due to their intricate and delicate work like the banarasi work or tie-dye saree etc. These sarees require proper attention and care. As these are expensive, they need to dry cleaned and kept in a place where there is no risk for the saree to get ruined.

If you have no idea about purchasing a saree or a new buyer of saree, always try to know about the different sarees’ different styles and then try to choose one according to your personality and comfort. Everyone has a different style, so every saree suits different types of people. It will be incomplete when it comes to a wedding when you do not wear a saree to any one function. You can also try styling the sarees by carrying them differently, i.e., draping it differently, or trying it with different blouses. So before choosing a saree, consider some of the following points:

Types of Sarees –

As already said, you will get a variety of options in the saree. Different sarees have a different type of fabric with a different type of work, which may be like thread work, embroidery, sequin work, etc. Some of the traditional saree like Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, etc., are evergreen and never go out of style. You can rock in them in any function and any season. These look so elegant and different, and you will not stop getting thousands of compliments. The traditional sarees are made out of heavy silk or crisp cotton, which give them a unique look. So always choose one which suits your personality. Choose one which makes you feel comfortable while you carry it.

Cost –

There are different sarees ranges, so you can easily find one according to your budget. A simple cotton saree will start cheap, and the price will rise according to the fabric and the detailing on the saree. If planning to invest in a heavy saree, check the quality of the fabric and the work. If the saree has thread is woven, or zari, or heavy embroidery, the price will rise accordingly. The silk sarees are also a bit expensive due to the high-quality fabric. These have lustrous shine and good very elegant even with light jewelry.

Choose According to the Occasion –

While choosing a saree, know where you will wear it. If you plan to wear it at an office party, a simple georgette saree with less work will look great, whereas silk or a banarasi or kanjeevaram saree will gook great at a wedding or any other related function. So, make sure to choose one, keeping in mind what occasion you are going for. Every saree has its specialty and uniqueness. Also, you can style the blouse depending upon the type of saree and function. You can add lots of statement jewelry with a simple saree to rock in a wedding reception, as statement jewelry will give a whole look a blingy effect.

Be Aware –

While saree shopping, you will find many places where you will see imitation saree with a copy of traditional sarees like kanjeevaram, muga, etc. So, while purchasing one, make sure to check the quality of silk and the gold and silver zari work on the border. So aware of the saree, its fabrics and work on it to get the best saree. Especially focus on the silk saree’s backside, mainly the border and the pallu, to ensure its quality.

Maintenance –

While buying, always ask how to maintain and keep the saree. As some sarees are not hand wash and do, it will wreck the shine on the saree. So always ask how and where to keep the saree to maintain it in the same condition. Some are even wrapped in fabrics to maintain the luster of the zari and silk fabric. Also, some say to hang the silk saree to avoid the risk of friction. Also, it is advised to change the folding of the saree to keep it last longing.

Recommendations –

Always shop from a recommended and genuine shop to get the best quality saree. The genuine saree is expensive, so it is always advised to go to the best-rated shop to get the best one, which is worth your money. Ask your friends, relatives, or surf the internet to get the best exposure.

So, above are some points to consider while buying a saree. Never forget your style and preference while buying one. You will find plenty of online and offline saree stores, so it is best said to buy from a trusted one like Fabricoz. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the saree. You can drape it differently, with a different blouse and jewelry. Some known influencers have started styling the sarees with long boots, giving it an Indo-western look, which looks very stylish.

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