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What could be more elegant than a stunning girl in a long saree?

Absolutely nothing in a country like India! With the upgrading trend, sarees are no more with a single type. It has multiple draping styles; you would be shocked after capturing the amusing view of the latest saree drape!

Designer Sarees Online can be official, sexy, conventional, chucklesome, and genuinely many more than just draping a simple 6-Meter (9-Yard) Indian saree.

Let’s learn about various Designer Saree Drapes in modern style to look adorable on any festival or occasion. In the end, You will be unfolding the most trendy Saree Drape by the top-fashion brand, Vasansi Jaipur.

Drape #1: Neck Wrap Style

One of the most trendy Saree Drape in the conventional style would give you the sparkling lady look if worn on a splendid evening. To Drape the Designer Saree, you can seize the pallu (the open hand) over the neck to flaunt it like a trendy scarf and twist over the neck to create the most dazzling style drape.

Endeavor this stylish drape with a stylish handwoven top or blouse to the Latest Saree, a contemporary twist.

Stunning ladies could also try the fashionable, colorful scarves, not merely for a jolly look, but it will stay warm throughout the upcoming cold winter weddings.

Drape #2: Belted Style Drape

Create a statement belt to pushover your waist on your sparling designer saree online. Today’s trend would allow you to put on an up-to-date edgy panache look to the latest wedding saree by tying the adorable waist belts.

Adorn this latest stunning saree drape with an adorable waist belt to accentuate your curvy bodies. You can Buy Designer Saree Online from reputed fashion brands to embellish the designer outfits.

Drape #3: Voluminous Saree Style Drape

A bandhej saree with a deep hand embroidery border swathed in an old-fashioned way might get a bit boring for today’s girls. Stunning girls can drape Wedding Sarees in an organized Lehenga style, just like celebrities. Girls can wear their voluminous Lehenga and drape your favorite chiffon saree and amaze people by your eye-catching looks.

This amazing Voluminous Saree Style Drape is top-suited for short-women as it has a great deal of quantity and adorable drama. You can Buy Designer Saree Online from the top-fashion brand, Vasansi Jaipur.

Drape #4: Butterfly Saree Wear Style

Surely, you must have seen it on most of the stunning celebs draping Butterfly Saree. To create a non-bulky and updated look, buy Designer Sarees Online Shopping With Price at low-cost rates from India’s top-fashion brand.

How to drape a saree? Just create a butterfly form at the lower part of the pallu and fold your pallu into the slender column in the front, and you’re set to rock the evening parties with a glistening shine on your face and waist.

Drape #5: Fringe Drape

Should I tell you the best way to get the long fringes on your simple saree without buying it designer sarees online? Just get your favorite satin or same color fringe laces from your nearby market and sew it on the saree and sleeves’ border or visit your tailor to stitch the laces by the side for your Latest Saree.

This way, if you drape your DIV Fringe Saree, everybody is going to stare at you with excitement in their eyes. So, gear up your designer fashion sense and start transforming your old sarees into innovative latest sarees.

If you are so busy creating a Fringe Saree DIY, you can buy Designer Sarees Online from Vasansi Jaipur for a perfect modern-day amusing look.

Drape #6: Crop Top Style Drape

Who doesn’t have crop tops today? Of course, we everybody have crop tops, which have become such a rant and rave these days. The best thing about the crop tops is- they have eliminated the stitched saree blouses. You probably don’t have to wear such heavy hand-embroidery saree blouses with hooks; wear crop tops for completing the stunning saree look.

What if you wear a black crop top with a white designer saree. Won’t it be an immense venture to go with any color sarees? Drape the saree in your own method and set out with a stylish accessory look.


Let’s why not discover today’s best selling Designer Saree Online and know the top-fashion brand to avail such eye-catching new-fashioned stylish sarees.

#1. Belted Saree Drape is the Best Selling Designer 6-Meter Long Saree Drape, reviewed by top-fashion designers to be the best design of the year.

Varanasi Jaipur, the top-fashion brand, has uncountable Designer Sarees crafted by top-fashion experts. Still, Belted Saree Drape is one such Designer Saree Online which is the best selling saree! Have a look at “Pink Leheriya Patola Drape Saree,” available at a maximum discount price!

Saree Drapes

#2. Designer Fringe Saree Drape is the second most best-selling Designer Saree Online, adorned by famous- celebrities to enrich the elegant looks created by top fashion designers.

You can buy Fringe Designer Saree Online only @Vasansi Jaipur to embrace the latest saree on your very special day and make everyone notice you’re every graceful move in the evening. You can get this unique “Fringed Pink Leheriya Patola Drape Saree” at Rs. 16,200.00 Rs. 9,550.00 (on 41% discount).

Saree Drapes

Choose your best saree style and drape your elegance on your special occasions. If you like any modern saree Drape, do comment and share it with your friends and relatives!

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