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Stylish Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

Scarves are one of the essential accessories during winter. If you are a fashionista and find it challenging to carry scarves along with your winter wear in a stylish way, then here you go – try these few stylish ways to wear your scarf this winter, and you would surely love it.

Necklace Wrap

Drape the ends of your winter scarf at your back by positioning the centre at the front of your neck. Now crisscross the ends and bring them to the front right in front of your neck. Next, you tie a knot at the front below the wrapped portion of the scarf. Keep the knot and the upper layer covering the knot loose. You can flatten down the ends over your chest or keep them like it is to look puffier. Finally, to get the turtleneck look, pull down the top layer gently to hide the knot.

Bow Wrap

You can make a bow wrap using your winter scarf by just draping it around your neck, keeping one of its side slightly shorter and cross tying a knot with the other side without pulling it through. The two ends should be uneven and look like an unfinished knot. Now you can easily drape the pulled-out portion so that it resembles a half bow.

French Knot

This is a fashionable yet stylish way to wrap your winter scarf around your neck. Just create a fold at one end of the scarf and fold it keeping two loose ends on the other side. Now drape the centre of the scarf around your neck, loop it on the right side, and keep the two ends on the left side – all facing forward. Finally, slip the loose ends across the loop and tighten it to give a classy look.

Knotted Necklace

This is an easy way to style your winter scarf. Keep both the sides of scarf even and drape it around your neck. Now tie a loose knot in the middle of only one side, and simply thread the other side across the knot. Now you can tighten the knot closer to your neck if you wear it with a coat or lower it to wear as an accessory to your winter outfit.

Get It Right

Now you do not need to be frustrated with the same wrap-around routine with your scarf, and you can surely get it right with the above mentioned stylish ways of wearing winter scarf. Every style is admiring, and you can recreate a fresh look every day with your winter scarf.

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