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Gold or Silver

Do you love precious metals? Asking this question is as absurd as asking, ‘do you love eating?’ Who doesn’t love precious metals? Gold, Silver, and diamond are precious metals adored and loved by every person in this world, irrespective of gender.

Being precious and costly, all these valuable metals can be easily traded in the international market as a commodity. Investing money in ornaments made out of Gold or Silver is a careful process and must be taken seriously. What is your preference, Gold, Silver, or Diamond? In this article, we will discuss two major precious metals, i.e., Silver and Gold.

Many people, mostly ladies, want to buy ornaments and items made of either Gold or Silver. But the dilemma of buying these precious metals always leaves us in confusion. But do these metals differ in their price? Or they value more or less the same? Let us find out.

When we say precious metals, we know that they are not present in abundance. These metals are available in limited quantities. However, when it comes to investing in these metals, one must consider many points or factors. These factors are responsible for the returns on this commodity that you might expect shortly. These factors or the differences between these metals help us in identifying the best metal to invest in.

The Difference Between The Price of Gold and Silver

If we talk about trading Gold and Silver, the quantity of Gold being traded is less than Silver. This doesn’t mean that the total annual value of Silver is more than the yearly value of Gold. The reality is entirely different.

The price of Gold as a commodity is higher than Silver. It makes the total annual value of Gold more than Silver. A small amount of money can have an impact on the Annual price of Silver. If you look at the Net Worth of companies like Apple or Disney, their net worth is many times more than the annual value of Gold.

All these things make the price of Gold more uncertain or volatile as it can be easily manipulated with a small amount of money. However, Silver’s volatility factor can also be a good sign for the investors as Silver can be sold easily in the market compared to Gold.

Storage Space

Suppose you are planning to invest in either Gold or Silver, who would also have to consider the storage space if you plan to buy in bulk. At the current rate of exchange, you will get any more ounces of Silver than Gold.

Pure Silver is much denser than Gold, and as a result, it requires more than 100 times more storage space than Gold. If you plan to invest a few lakhs in either Gold or Silver, you will need to consider the ‘storage space factor.’

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If you have come this far, you must have known the significant difference in the price of Gold and Silver. While Gold is much more costly than Silver, it offers a higher return but many risk factors. While Silver also witnesses the same change in its price, it is more volatile than Gold.

A careful and wise decision must be made before investing in a particular precious metal. This investment would not just ensure future returns but would also offer you the best resale value. As you might know, Silver is known as Poor Man’s Gold. This is because it provides the same kind of benefits but at a lower cost. Hence, investing in Silver can be a good option if you are a risk-taker and understand the factors that might affect its price.

Demand for Gold and Silver

Apart from currency exchange, Gold and Silver are being used in many things. However, the demand for Silver is comparatively higher than Gold. If you consider the demand for Silver in the Industrial or Digital sectors, it is very high as that of Gold. Many companies are using Silver to make their products.

The best example of the use of Silver is in Solar Panels. All the wires in the Solar Panels are made out of Silver. It captures more sunlight and helps in generating heat. All these factors contribute to the massive demand for Silver in the international market. However, the case is not the same for Gold.

Gold is considered a luxury. Hence the demand for Gold is significantly less as compared to Silver. People love buying products made of Gold but just for decoration or luxury purposes. Whereas electronic appliances containing Silver always enjoy an increasing demand.


If you have reached so far, you must now be clear with the significant differences between Gold and Silver. Investing in any of these commodities won’t be a bad idea. However, if you ignore these factors, you might become a victim of the uncertainties prevailing in the market.

All these factors are more than sufficient to understand the differences between investing in Gold or Silver. These factors are not just responsible for the change in these precious metals’ prices but are also helpful if we wish to gift ornaments made out of them to your near and dear ones.

If we Look Upon the Above

As mentioned, for example, it might now be clear that buying a Silver Rakhi Online would be must cheaper than purchasing a Gold Rakhi. However, Rakhi is among those presents that cannot be value in monetary terms. Buying Gold or Silver in any form is always an investment. Hence, the decision must be with open eyes.

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