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Diet Chart To Gain Weight Fast

In our body, being overweight and becoming obese or losing extra weight and becoming completely lean are very bad for our health. But without thinking so much, you have to look at your food. It means that you need to maintain a specific diet chart to gain weight fast.

Being overweight or overweight in many facts is a family gift due to inherited causes—also, those people who have delicious quality metabolism to burn all the calories. No nutrients are applied. So if you want to gain weight, you should give more awareness to your diet. Most of us don’t have to pay for anything. Only when you eat certain foods properly will you become a proper person.

Boost The Amount of Protein in The Diet:

Protein foods help us gain weight fast. So we should begin to eat protein-rich foods like boneless chicken breasts, cheese, eggs, and some homemade protein shakes in your daily diet chart. Protein-rich foods meet our body, muscle, hormone, skin, and almost all needs. All these foods improve our body, add energy to the body, increase muscle strength, and reduce fat. For this reason, we should include protein foods in our daily diet. Women should consume 48 grams of protein daily and men 58 grams daily. Some common foods rich in protein are eggs, milk, pumpkin seeds, fish, peanuts, etc.

Boost The Quantity of Nutrition in Food:

Begin to eat more foods that are high in nutrition value, like potatoes. If you want to gain weight fast, then eat boiled potato every day in your diet chart. Also, have a big breakfast that will give you adequate nutrition. However, you must avoid junk foods that are very unhealthy.

Amplify The Amount of Food:

If you want to gain weight, you have to consume more. That’s why you don’t have to eat all day and make your stomach hungry. You must eat many times with food variation throughout the day to gain weight fast. Eat a full course of food 3 to 5 times and snacks every day. Take small amounts of fruits, nuts, etc., throughout the day. Get up in the morning and drink one glass of milk. After some time, later you need to eat bread with butter or bread with vegetables. You can also eat boiled eggs or omelet. Eat fruits, cashews, nuts, and raisins between lunch and breakfast. Eat pulses, rice, vegetables, fish, etc., at noon. Eat any snacks in the afternoon. Eat chicken soup, bread, vegetables again at night. Drink 1 glass of milk before going to bed at night.

Eat Fat Foods:

Healthy fats are essential for building muscle and gaining weight. So eat more good fat foods like bananas, olive oil, dates, and seasonal foods like mangoes as it holds omega 3 fatty acids. Some fat foods are:

Oily Fish

Most of us do not want to eat oily fish for getting fat. But for weight gaining person, oily fish is the best option as fish oil has omega 3 fatty acids that are particularly effective in reducing heart problems, memory loss, and depression.


Many people mistakenly say that almond fat is terrible. But nuts also hold more fiber, minerals, and magnesium than fat, which helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.

Dark Chocolate

One ounce of dark chocolate contains only 9 grams of fat. But 80% of dark chocolate cocoa contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants. Various studies have exposed that people who eat dark chocolate at least 5 days a week or more have significantly fewer heart problems than others. So chocolate doesn’t mean bad.


According to many, cheese is a very unhealthy fat-rich food. But a slice of cheese weighing only 7.6 grams has the qualities of about 1 glass of milk. In other words, cheese contains calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium, protein, and many more nutrients.


Rice is high in calories. So include rice in your diet chart one time or two times in a day. It is one of the best foods that make you gain weight fast. Many people do not know that eating rice is good enough for our body. But the problem is, rice is being shown to be harmful in most cases! The number of people who have diabetes is indeed higher in Asia. In this case, the habit of eating rice is blamed and obesity; many people think that rice is directly added. Rice is rich in all kinds of vitamins. It also contains calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

Rice is straightforward to digest. And so everyone from children to the sick, the elderly are advised to eat rice. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, which gives us strength. The amino acids in rice help in muscle strength and muscle building. Gas problems can also be relieved. Rice is the most beneficial for blood pressure and kidney problems.

Dry Fruits

Consume plenty of dry fruits as those contain a high amount of calories. It also encloses a lot of vitamins and fibers and minerals. So it is essential to eat dry fruits every day to gain weight.

Eggs, Cheese, Milk, and Bananas

The simple way to gain weight is to consume these four healthy foods regularly. Eggs are a high protein food, so you must eat those healthy foods daily, but not without yolks. Milk has high nutrition to eat milkshake mixed with banana and milk every day. Cheese is also beneficial to eat and assists in gaining weight rapidly. So it is vital to eat cheese one time in breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Also, get enough sleep every day, greener vegetables, various weight gain exercises, an adequate amount of water will help you to gain weight fast.

Remember that losing weight is as difficult as gaining weight. So it is essential to consume the proper amount of food. Many people take extra protein pills or shake to gain weight; you may eat but before, take advice from a doctor.

The diets we told you about at present will help you gain weight. However, your weight loss or overweight can also be due to any physical weakness. So consult a dietitian or doctor in that case.

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