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Does Septoplasty Make Your Nose Smaller?

Many people are unhappy due to their nose size, and the majority of them afraid of going surgical procedures, but it’s not certain every time. The ones who suffer from crooked nasal cartilage difficulties must endure the nasal surgeries to regain the lost nasal functions, although the sense of smell vanishes most of the time. A deviated septum is usually cured with Septoplasty, which is the popular nose surgery performed by ENT specialists to redeem the beak’s functionality. Rhinoplasty in Dubai

The most important thing that should be understood by every patient is the difference between medical and cosmetic concerns as one surgery isn’t appropriate for treating all apprehensions. But sometimes it happens too; however, this article clears the doubts and misguidance towards Septoplasty, whether it’s applicable for altering the nose size or not. Does it make your nose smaller?

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Septoplasty is explicitly performed to correct the crooked septum by trimming or repositioning of cartilage. As the septum contributes to airflow and ruptured breathing difficulties can be faced from one or both sides of the nose. Expert surgeons hold complete knowledge of making incisions where necessary.

Breathing and smelling problems are the two main concerns that lead to this surgical practice, so in case you experience such symptoms, you might consider yourself getting Septoplasty with the purpose of improving quality of life by fixing the departed septum.

Does Septoplasty Make Your Nose Smaller?

The nose shape is determined by the sharpness, width, and stature of the nasal bone, and when it gets crooked, overall personality is affected as it’s the most dominant face part. Not only the cosmetic concerns, but it can also become a hurdle in nasal airflow so you can’t even breathe properly. Irritating deviated septum usually occurs due to some congenital disability or severe injury. Still, there is no need to worry about it. Now the time has gone that people have to live a whole life with any of the imperfection.

The ones who are about to experience Septoplasty are always interested in knowing that this surgery will affect the nose’s outer figure. When a person suffers from a deviated septum, their external nose structure becomes disturbed and appears unattractive.

Due to swelling, the size of the nose gets more prominent and looks unpleasant. Sufferers of this concern want to ensure that does Septoplasty make nose size smaller? And the answer to this query is yes but only sometimes. As Septoplasty isn’t aimed to target the nose’s exterior, it’s only concerned with unbending the twisted parts for improved breathing. But when the septum is altered, the nose figure also changes, resulting in a more balanced appearance. The elevation, extent, and middle area gets back into its original structure, and the nose appears contoured, but we cannot say that it gets smaller due to Septoplasty. Conversely, in some cases, it happens when swelling fades off, people might think that their nose size has become smaller, but in actuality, it comes into its natural shape.

Surgeons perform the Septoplasty by leaving the outer area of the nose untouched, but internal incisions to affect the external look pleasantly. The ones who aren’t satisfied along their nose shape can undergo Rhinoplasty that is the peak popular cosmetic treatment alters the shape and size of the nose precisely as you want. Besides this concern, if you’re a sufferer of the bent septum and want alteration in the nose, Septorhinoplasty would be the best choice as it straightens the bone and cartilage necessary incisions.

How Much is The Recovery Time? is There Any Risk?

Septoplasty is an outpatient practice. You can leave the clinic on the same day of surgery, but with some aftercare instructions and complete recovery can take up to three weeks. Somehow, the healing period can be boosted by following the specific instructions from the clinician. You will be provided guidelines for taking care of the nose; however, it’s okay to discuss the doctor’s sleeping position. Additionally, if your surgeon isn’t well experienced and precautions aren’t properly followed, it could lead you to complications like:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Lost sense of smell
  • Septum hole
  • Blood clotting
  • Unwanted scarring

Patients shouldn’t judge the upshots right after the surgery as it’s a complicated surgery, takes time to show results. However, you can notice an appropriate nose size later a few weeks of Septoplasty; moreover, better airflow can be sensed instantly. Last but not least, it must ensure the expertise and qualification of the surgeon before deciding anything. As it isn’t the most straightforward treatment as it seems, your practitioner must have years of experience in performing successful nasal surgeries.

Wrapping Up- Does Septoplasty Make a Nose Smaller?

This article concludes that Septoplasty can work for cosmetic reasons, too, without making any external incisions. Many people have benefited from smaller and contoured nose appearance. Still, somehow it doesn’t work for everyone as Septoplasty can be performed with open or closed techniques, so outcomes are dependent upon it. But it’s better to discuss your demands and concerns with the doctor before undergoing, so he can make alterations accordingly.

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