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First Trimester of Pregnancy

Once the pregnancy test is positive, a whole new world of motherhood opens up to most women. The human gestational period is nine months and is divided into three equal halves. The first trimester or the first three months of a woman’s pregnancy can sway between being a smooth sail to a highly turbulent Bermuda triangle experience.

Simply put, the first three months of your pregnancy can go unnoticed completely or have you feeling quite sick. Different women experience their first trimester differently, and the experience also varies on whether it is their first pregnancy or not.

All the same, we will divide the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy into three parts.


Let us understand what a lady goes through physically during her first trimester. While the fetus is not enlarged enough to have a visible effect, some women feel bloated right from the beginning of their pregnancy. Others will not even feel that they are pregnant till right into their 5th month. But regardless of the visible effect, it is essential to remember that you are pregnant, and your body does have added needs now.

Ensure that you begin to take your iron and calcium supplements as soon as your gynaecologist gives the green light. Folic acid is another vital medicine that needs to be taken during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Over and above the medications, it will help to eat a thoroughly balanced diet during your pregnancy.

Many women experience great bouts of nausea during the first trimester, and eating sometimes tends to take a back seat with frequent vomiting that often accompanies nausea. However, even if you are one of those who suffer morning sickness during pregnancy, do not ignore your food intake. The fetus is growing rapidly and is using up the nutrients in your body to grow. You must consume a highly balanced diet to ensure that these nutrients are quickly replaced so that both you and the child remain healthy.

While heavy weight lifting is not recommended during pregnancy, do not ignore an exercise routine either. Go for a 45-minute walk at least five days a week to ensure that you stay fit and your body is prepared for the trauma of delivery. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes right through your pregnancy. Physically you will undergo taste changes; your sensitivity will be heightened, your breasts will feel enlarged, you might experience pregnancy sickness, vaginal discharge, and you will find yourself going to the bathroom frequently.

Last but not least, the first trimester is also a perfect time to shop for lightweight and breathable maternity wear that can keep you in utmost comfort from day through night. Especially towards the beginning of the second trimester, when your pregnancy curves are even more beautified and at their cutest, you need right fit garments to show off the beauty of your baby bump. Start with maternity clothing essentials such as high-stretch maternity pants, leggings, kaftans, tops, t-shirts, shirts, etc. and mix and match them to suit your comfort and style.


Pregnancy is a very emotional time for most women. You will cry at small things and experience bouts of feeling low and then suddenly elated. As much as you are happy to be pregnant, the pressures of raising a child could be haunting you too.

A great way to ensure that you do not break down emotionally is to get adequate rest and keep your focus on positive things. Find a friend who will be able to assist you through the tiring times. Join groups where there are other pregnant ladies so that you can share notes with them.

Most of all, remember that no matter how emotionally drained you feel, this too shall pass. This will be a great time to connect with your partner and not withdraw into a shell under any circumstances. If the morning sickness is getting you down, try remedies like ginger ale, magnet bands, high carbohydrate snacks before getting out of bed, etc.

For the Baby

The first trimester sees the baby right from a small amalgamation of cells to a fully formed human form. By the end of the first trimester, your baby will have fully formed fingers, genitals, head and face, skeleton and will be about three inches in size. This pear-sized fetus is now only going to grow in size within your body and will need you to keep as healthy and fit as possible.

All in all, the first trimester is a tiring time for the mother to be but can be combatted well if the lady in question keeps fit, eats healthy, and works on a positive outlook.

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