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Helping Children Cope With Stress During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Children and adults both get stressed during the covid-19 pandemic. However, the difference is that we adults can manage our emotions, but children can’t do this because they can’t understand their moods and emotional changes.

Children are not mature enough to understand the severity of a pandemic outbreak but realize it is a tough time where they cannot get out of home, play outside with their friends, and perform regular activities.

Isolation from their social community makes them emotionally weak. It is undoubtedly a challenging situation for adults, but we have to take care of our children and their emotional behavior. Being parents, you need to spend more time with them to uplift their mood and help them to manage their emotions.

Support your child to manage stress during lockdown & Social Isolation.

Observe Their Behavior Changes

All children do not respond to stress similarly. Some common behavioral changes include:

  • Increased irritability, excessive crying
  • Bedwetting, panicking at night, toileting accidentally
  • Sadness and gloominess
  • Unhealthy sleeping habits
  • Overeating
  • Poor performance in study and other activities
  • Facing difficulties in focus and concentration
  • The emotional outburst, anger
  • Avoidance or withdrawal behavior
  • I prefer isolation over communication
  • Headache or body pain for unnecessary reason

As a parent, you have to handle this behavior strategically. It would help if you gave them enough mental support to overcome their anxiety, stress; listen to their concerns attentively, and try to solve their problem. Don’t be judgemental. Try to be their best friend. Being a mother or father, you need to give extra affection and attention.

Give More Love & Affection

A child gets rid of their emotional pain when they get extra love and attention from their parents. So parents should give them extra time. Spend quality time with your child. Always listen to your children, be curious about their opinion. Try to be their friend without being judgemental.

Play some indoor games with them to make them some relaxation. It will help them to forget about the distressing situation. Try to make them relax as much as possible. These things will establish their emotional balance.

Discuss The Real Facts of The Covid-19 Outbreak

If your child is in adolescence, give them the information about the covid-19 outbreak without panicking them. They should know about the Real facts of covid-19 for their safety and cope with unnecessary fear.

Ensure your child that he is entirely safe at his home. It is okay to be upset but not get depressed right away because depression and anxiety weaken the complete immunity system and make it vulnerable to covid-19 infection.

Do not visit too many social media and tv channels that cover the same news of the pandemic. Bad news can mentally hammers your child. They may get frightened about some unknown things and get upset with anxiety. Instead of this, you can visit some cartoon, entertaining movies with them to divert their mind from the distress situation.

Could You Keep Them in The Routine?

Try to schedule their regular activities. Now your child attends online classes instead of school, which can be monotonous, So involve them in the learning activity. New learning engages them mentally, and they don’t get enough time to get depressed.

When your child is at home and does not go for outdoor games, ask them to exercise at home. Exercise alleviates mental and physical stress, improves their digestion power and sleep pattern. Sound sleep is essential for emotional healing.

Follow these simple things to make your child emotionally fit during the Covid-19 pandemic. If these things do not work, consult with a Psychologist from the best clinic in UAE and take professional advice. Do not leave child depression untreated. It gradually changes their personality.

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