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How Many Hair Transplants Are Successful?

A youthful appearance is the aspect everyone demands, which is only possible with strong, denser, and shiny hair. People worldwide try to maintain a fit and healthy body, but somehow unconsciously, they tend to forget putting effort and care into the hair that results in hair complications. All of us take hair loss for granted, which is our biggest mistake as it can lead us to baldness difficulties if not curbed at the right time. About 60% of men and 50 % of women face hair loss, but baldness is mostly dealt with by men.

Among all Hair loss solutions, Hair Transplant is the most popular one. This procedure will improve your life quality by providing a youthful and attractive appearance with hair’s permanent natural growth. It is based on the transplantation of grafts from the body’s hairy area to implant them on the bald site. The results acquired from Hair Transplants are completely natural if your surgeon is well expert and holds enough know-how of appropriate density, direction, and front framing of implanting hair transplant in Dubai.

If you’re considering getting the Hair Transplant, you might be wondering how successful it is or it has benefitted people in actual or not. Well, this isn’t surprising to hear that Hair Transplants are much more successful than any other hair restoration technique.

In Dubai, all over the world, it has also gained a well-known name, and a lot of famous personalities, including Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma, have experienced this procedure. To clear the query of…

How Many Hair Transplants Are Successful

How Many Hair Transplants Are Successful In Dubai?

We have compiled together the information related to Hair transplant sessions, leading you to a successful Hair Transplant. More importantly, we have also covered the detail regarding the success rate of hair transplant in Dubai. Dubai has also now become a recognized country in performing the best Hair Transplants.

How Many Hair Transplants Are Successful?

Patients who’re planning to get the Hair Transplant usually research its success. As everyone might expect that this surgery’s success rate depends upon the doctors’ skill level and technology available for transplant, which is true to some considerable extent. Similarly, well-reputed doctors claim to expose the success rate of Hair Transplant even very close to 100 percent. This is because there will be rare chances of complications when the surgeon is well experienced in this hair restoration strategy.

But 80 to 85 percent is the ideal range for determining the success rate of Hair Transplant in Dubai.

People worldwide come here to meet the best surgeons in the Dynamic clinic as the majority prefer traveling over post-complications. There is the biggest plus point of the reasonable cost when you get the treatment from Dubai compared to other western countries.

How many Hair Transplants are successful in Dubai? Here, we can say that almost every Hair Transplant is successful in Dubai until and unless the surgeon is well experienced in this field.

Around 85 percent of people have gained tremendous benefits from this transplantation technique.

How Many Sessions Lead To Successful Results?

Generally, only one session would be enough to achieve thicker and denser hair growth. But in certain unique cases when more hair grafts are to be implanted, 1-2 touch up sessions might be needed. There are certain reasons behind getting another session of Hair transplant.

Have a look at them:

  • If patients aren’t satisfied with the results of Hair Transplant.
  • In case when the bald area is too vast and demands 4000 or 5000 Hair grafts.
  • When patients demand excessive thicker and denser hair.

In our clinic, expert practitioners target to transplant maximum hair follicles as they can; however, not more than 2000 Hair grafts are transplanted in one session, which means approximately 4000 Hair follicles. The best and satisfactory Hair Transplant is completed with 3000 Hair grafts, but when it comes to 4000 and 5000 Hair grafts, it’s many options someone can have.

Every patient who has experienced Hair Transplant at Dynamic leaves the clinic with positive feedback due to the high-class facilities and best results!


It should be understood that Hair Transplants tend to re-generate the natural hair follicles without the involvement of any artificial substances. Many people have noticed the natural hair growth after one or two months and a head full of hair, subsequently 10 to 12 months. Surgeons at Dynamic clinic put complete effort into satisfying patients’ aesthetic needs by providing them thicker and denser framing of receding the front line.

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