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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

In summer as in winter, swimming is more than advised, because it offers many benefits!

With his experience of fifteen years of swimming competition, also a freediver. He combines the practice of hypnosis, relaxation therapy, and meditation with his favorite aquatic sports. Thanks to his experience and his profession focused on well-being, he is therefore in a good position to tell us about the various benefits of swimming!

Swimming: A Good Sports Good For All Body Systems

The alternation of relaxation and muscular tension provided by swimming has beneficial effects for the heart and the venous system, and it is an excellent sport for cardiovascular work.

The joints are relieved by the water’s weightlessness, so it is an activity that people with joint problems, back pain, and inflammation can practice because it helps to lighten the joints while building muscle—the body.

The horizontal position of this practice will also make it possible to lengthen the muscles and the skeleton.

A Sport Good for The Mind

The central nervous system and the mind will also feel the benefits of swimming and lifeguard class because its practice allows secreting dopamine (the molecule of happiness) which also has an anti-inflammatory action on the whole body. Thanks to the secretion of dopamine, we can observe a change in general mood. What is more, swimming is not a sport of stress and pressure where one will focus on a target, and the gaze changes angle constantly.

The atmosphere of weightlessness that reigns in the water is a calm and relaxing source, echoes fetal life.

The Immersion Reflex

It is a phenomenon that humans share with all marine mammals that occurs when we immerse the whole face in the water below 21 °.

This is the immersion reflex. This reaction causes a reduction in the heart rate, which allows the venous system to constrict to pump blood and oxygen to vital organs. The heart slows down, the nervous system regulates itself, and the cardiovascular system begins to work in the same way as if we had practiced sport. In short, simple immersions in cold water allow the heart to work.

Find Your Rhythm

Finally, when you swim at a regular pace and manage to find your own pace, body and mind are in a state close to cardiac coherence, the rhythm becomes meditative, close to self-hypnosis. . All this leads to a state in which we forget ourselves for a time, without even being aware of the time spent swimming and the distance traveled.

Want to take care of yourself and build muscle while having fun? Swimming is the most fun and complete sport there is. We admit, the editorial team loves to put on your swimsuit and do a few laps in the pool. We find many advantages there. Here are a few.

It’s a Sport That Adapts To Everyone

No matter your weight or your physical abilities. The effect of weightlessness is greatly reduced by water. We feel less weight on our body, which allows us to prolong the effort without suffering. This also applies to rehabilitation when, for example, a knee operation has been performed, and the joints should not be pulled too hard.

Swimming Works Your Endurance and Improves Cardiovascular Health

The body’s weight is less felt, and you can chain (at your own pace) the lengths. Little by little, our endurance will improve. We can add a few back and forths until you end up doing a full session of an hour or two.

In fact, we train our hearts gently. Cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary capacities are increased tenfold. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, this is enough to extend your life expectancy and feel good in your body.

It Clears Your Head and Allows You To Concentrate

Imagine: you have had a bad day. You are irritated, frustrated, and in great need of relaxation, or even to let off steam … This is the opportunity to go to your ideal shell pool for your garden. With a little luck (and financial means), your swimming pool is covered, and you can enjoy it all year round.

You dive into the water. Nothing matters anymore, except the concentration you will need to provide to complete the effort. You forget everything. You do your body good and secrete endorphin. In the end, your day will not be so bad …

It Muscles The Whole Body

If you want to slim, reshape and build your body, no sport will be more complete than swimming. Breaststroke, crawl, butterfly stroke, Indian stroke … just alternate to work all parts of your body.

We Guarantee It: you will see a physical change very quickly. The skin is firmer, and the muscles develop feel more toned. When you want to get back to the sport for the long haul, swimming and aqua aerobics are perfect for getting started.

You Work on Your Self-confidence

You know that famous “swimsuit test” in May when you put on your swimsuit for the first time before summer arrives? This apprehension will no longer be there. You will see yourself in swimsuits all year round and will be able to tame your body. Watch it change, tone up.

Be proud of yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. You will see that your self-confidence will strengthen without necessarily being aware of it at first.

We Develop Our Competitive Spirit

Not necessarily with others. But rather with yourself … In the beginning, you take it slowly by realizing your limits, by testing certain types of aquatic exercises rather than others. And when you feel confident enough, you try new challenges. Do 10 lengths in 30 minutes. Then only 25 and finally 20.

We taste challenge, and we challenge ourselves. And all of this has a big impact on our personal and professional life. We are less afraid, and we trust each other because we know that our will to get there is foolproof. Awesome.

Do you swim? If so, at your home or in a municipal swimming pool? What benefits did you get from it? We are waiting for your testimonials on the forum in the Health section.

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