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PRP for Hair Loss

It’s not surprising to hear of the hair loss. Thousands of treatments and remedies have been used for years, but there is still a massive search for a suitable approach.

When we talk about pills and serums, they are quite useful but with a massive list of side effects and complications. They can provide you with temporary relief, and after that, hair conditions get even worse than before.

Now the time has gone, you’ve to undergo the old traditional painful procedures to get back the lost hair’s lost growth. We’re taking you towards the most significant enhancement in the cosmetic industry known as PRP Treatment. It can improve hair restoration even better than other cosmetic surgeries. It’s gaining popularity in effectively treating hair loss, hair thinning, or receding hairline with every passing day.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the necessary information related to PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai. We will help you understand more about this procedure, along with its expected results and cost details. Furthermore, you will also be explained the exact reason behind getting PRP Treatment only in Dubai. There are a lot of plus points you must take into consideration. Please read further to explore the details!

Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

The exact and precise answer to this query is definitely yes. PRP can help to regenerate the lost hair growth with its safest and natural techniques. Without even going under the knife, you will get back your vanished hair progress.

After clearing this doubt, you might be wondering how PRP deals with Hair loss. For this concern, you must be aware of the platelet’s role in healing the damaged scalp tissues. Millions of researchers have proved that if extracted platelets are injected into the body’s damaged areas, healing would be boosted.

Before you experience PRP, avoid the use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and any blood thinner. It’s essential to take the last meal to avoid lightheadedness.

The extraction process of PRP is much more straightforward than another invasive technique. A medical professional will draw a specific amount of blood from your arm, which is then passed through specific mechanisms to separate the red blood cells and platelets. After this, the acquired platelets will be injected into the scalp’s targeted parts; however, the whole procedure will not take more than 45 minutes.

As a result of this, the scalp’s growth factors are enriched because platelets promote the healing of excessively damaged tissues. However, active progress in hair can be noticed after two or three months of the procedure.

For many significant results, you might be needing to attend the touchup sessions frequently.

The Expected Cost of PRP

The average cost of PRP in Dubai is from AED 650 to AED 1600, depending upon the severity of the concern.

Is PRP for Everyone?

Like every procedure, PRP treatment for Hair Loss in Dubai also demands certain conditions to fit this therapy.

We all are aware that PRP is based on an entirely natural concept, so the involvement of risk is rare. But somehow, it’s not suitable for the people who’re suffering from any bleeding disorder as this therapy is entirely dependent upon the patients’ blood. Also, the ones who are chain smokers and health-wise unfit due to platelet dysfunction and chronic liver disease should avoid getting this treatment.

You should arrange an initial detailed discussion with the doctor regarding your medical details so he can find that this therapy is suitable for you or not.

Is PRP better than Hair Transplant?

If we compare the Hair Transplants with PRP, surgical procedures offer more remarkable results, but it’s not confident in every condition. A vast range of people has gained tremendous comforts from PRP, even attending its one session. The natural growth of hair is promoted by injecting your platelets.

The decision is entirely dependent upon the patients. It might be the best option for the ones who are afraid of surgical procedures. A professional doctor will help you make the right decision in consideration of your difficulty whether you’re a sufferer of bald head or hair loss.

Why is Dubai the Best Choice for PRP?

No doubt that Dubai has the world’s leading surgeons who’re expert enough in performing every kind of Hair treatment, whether it’s PRP or Hair Transplant. By getting PRP, about 85% of people have reported excellent scalp coverage improvement through natural hair growth. Another plus point of acquiring the PRP treatment for hair loss in Dubai is that you have to pay less than other western countries.

You can find the most experienced doctors in the world at Dynamic clinic in Dubai. Depending upon the extent of baldness and hair loss concern, they will advise you of the appropriate number of sessions and necessary guidelines.

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