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Reduce Your Stress with These Stress Busters

Someone said life is only cherished and pleasant till the time you are a student, and then comes a huge round of responsibilities for a lifetime! And I agree with the statement. We have our bean size complaints from life during childhood, but the world hunger anxiety and troubles fill our lives as we start taking responsibilities.

During this pandemic situation of COVID-19, the entire world is suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression for their causes. Job loss, financial losses, economic fall, loss of life of a family or friend, medical illness, and dozens of other reasons are responsible for stress and mental trauma.

This article is for you if you are also suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression-related symptoms. There are several stress management techniques that you can start with depending on your nature of work and work schedule. There are different types of stress buster exercises, medication, or therapies that you can try including stress-relieving drinks. Do share in the comment section what you liked the most.

Effective Time Management Strategy

Plan a balanced day, and follow a scheduled routine that suits your family and business needs. Start your day with some light exercise, a super-nutritious and balanced diet, followed by playful activities, and ending with a tight sleep. Your time management strategy should allow you to give everyone the perfect time in your circle and make time, especially yourself. It is effective to spend time with yourself as you can evaluate yourself and talk to your soul.

Meditation & Yoga

Start your day with a little exercise, Meditation, or yoga as per your interest, and try to relish the fresh air instead of packing yourself in a closed room. A short walk, jogging, or cycling can give a kickstart to a healthy day. It regulates your mood swings and improves your mood. If you are more into mind games, go for Meditation. If your job demands a lot of physical work, try yoga and light exercise. You can also create a balanced fitness plan with Meditation and Yoga on alternate days.

Rock Your Day with Music

Start your day with rocking music. Music sometimes is the best therapy for stress-busting. Different age relishes different types of music. It also differs on your mood and the hour of the day. Your favorite music at the beginning of the day can help you boost your mood and fill you with never-ending energy. I start my day with loud rock and hip-hop music.

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Laugh out loud whenever you find an opportunity. Listen for funny podcasts, watch funny videos, or figure out ways to laugh. Laughter therapy helps in reducing the levels of stress-causing hormones. Laughter moments stay for long, and whenever you remember these funny moments, you multiply stress, reducing hormones. You need to ensure that you have some strong reason to laugh, and it doesn’t look odd while you laugh.

Be Your MasterChef

Get yourself a treat by hitting the kitchen. Cook for yourself and your loved ones if they relish your dishes. Cooking is a therapeutic and satisfying activity as it helps you destress yourself and you feel rewarded. Cooking boosts your mood, and if you are a top chef, you’ll always relish seeing people enjoying your dishes. Eat small meals, nutritious snacks, and quick bites that can refresh your mood.

Call an Old Friend

In our busy lives, we keep on meeting new people and forgetting old ones. Now is the time to call one of your oldest friends and rewind the life reel with them. Recall those old memories and cherish those moments. Plan up a reunion and block your weekend for that friend. You will feel fantastic and cheerful throughout the week.

Care for a Pet

If you are an animal lover, if you can take care of a pet INDIVIDUALLY without depending on anyone, have a pet. Cuddling up with a pet is so relaxing and satisfying that you feel so light when you spend time with them. When you feed them, you feel satisfied. When your pet shows love for you, you feel overwhelming. Pets are one of the greatest stress relievers.

Drink Plenty of Water & Juice Up Life

One should drink almost 4-5 liters of water daily. Water keeps you away from illness and works as a coolant for you when you are stressed up. Also, try to add a lot of nutritious juices to your daily routine. Tea and Coffee are great for reducing stress and are considered stress-relieving drinks but relishing mocktails and cocktails on cheat days can also destress you in tiring evenings when you want to have some Me Time.

Challenge Your Capabilities

Break your records and give new challenges to yourself. Test your capabilities and give new heights to your limitations. Push gradually towards new limits in every aspect, be it work, love, money, or balancing life. Every victory will be so satisfying and rewarding that it will boost your mood and internal strength to win more in life.

Help Someone in Need

Before you reward yourself on weekends or plan some leisure activities to boost your mood swing, try this stress management technique. Help someone in need, and there is nothing more satisfying than putting a smile on someone’s face. I plan my weekends visiting orphanage or nursing homes, and their happiness, smiles, and love are more satisfying and emotional than gifting yourself a Ferrari. If you still find some time, plan out some leisure activities and reward yourself with some stress-relieving drinks.

Summing Up

Life is too short to stress up and fill it with boredom. Live it to the fullest and tweak every rule that fits your lifestyle. There is no need to follow a strategy. Chalk out your stress management techniques. If you adopt any of these stress management techniques, share us in the comment section, and don’t forget to relish stress-relieving drinks on weekends.

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