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Septoplasty Rid Bump on Nose

Deviated septum is a severe condition faced by the people due to some injury or congenital disability. And as a result of this, breathing problems are sensed; however, this isn’t enough. You can also lose a sense of smell due to this complication. To overcome such hitches, patients are advised to undergo Septoplasty, which is specifically targeted to correct the crooked septum conditions.

Besides the medical concerns, people who are about to experience Septoplasty are interested in knowing that does it get rid of the bump on the nose? As many individuals are a victim of this annoying nose appearance.

This article covers the details aspects of Septoplasty and clears the doubts and fears regarding the dorsal humps. 


Septoplasty surgery corrects the deviated septum to regain the lost sense of smell and also makes it easier to breathe. The bending of the septum results in a crooked nose which requires immediate treatment before it gets severe. This surgical approach is also recommended for snoring problems, only when patients don’t get enough results with non-surgical treatments.

Most Septoplasties aren’t cosmetic, but it’s not certain as sometimes this surgery also affects the outer appearance in a contoured way, without even touching the external area of the nose. So it’s better to have a detailed discussion with the doctor regarding your apprehensions so he can suggest the right opinion.

Does Septoplasty Get Rid of Bump on Nose?

Nose bumps or dorsal humps are the nose irregularities that affect the external appearance. It usually emerges in the form of a spot on the outside of the nose instead of a straight slope bridge; however, this unwanted condition can be faced due to genes, injury, or any birth fault.

This external imperfection doesn’t affect your breathing, it’s only bothered with the cosmetic purpose conversely for most of the people, there is nothing harmful or risky about this condition, and they’re happy about it. But not everyone. Some individuals seek for cosmetic surgeries to improve their nose appearance.

The ones who are a victim of Deviated Septum, they are advised to undergo Septoplasty which is specifically targeted for functional issues of the nose rather than cosmetic ones. But the majority holds doubt regarding Septoplasty that it will get off the Nose bumps.

Unfortunately, it’s the lamest concept that Septoplasty will get rid of Bumps on the nose. As this surgery isn’t targeted to straighten the dorsal humps, it’s only concerned with a deviated septum. Unlike Rhinoplasty, this surgical practice isn’t intended to modify the outer appearance of the nose, however, somehow it can alter it too by proving the contoured and symmetrical external look, but that doesn’t mean that it can straighten the nose bump as it’s the entirely different task.

As we all know that Rhinoplasty alone cannot alter the deviated septum so, the same case with Septoplasty that it cannot also modify the outer the external deformities of the nose unless it’s performed with Rhinoplasty. Patients can now have a Septorhinoplasty for straightening the deviated septum, and nose bump as this surgery is the combined procedure of both the practices to satisfy the patients’ needs and desires in one go.

Is It Necessary To Treat Dorsal Hump on The Nose?

Having a Nose Bump doesn’t mean that you have any diseases or virus which must be cured prior. It’s just the external form of the nose which can be appealing or not. Sometimes it looks cool, and people are satisfied with it, but with time, everyone wants improvement in their facial look, so they seek the appropriate surgery.

There is no barrier to get this surgical practice; the decision to get the treatment is entirely dependent upon the patient as this condition doesn’t affect the breathing or sense of smell. It only results in an unbalanced nose appearance which is liked by the majority of the people as its becoming fashion nowadays to have a bump on the nose but for not each one. This is because every individual has its desires and aesthetic goals, so it’s ultimately a personal decision.

Bumps on the nose are usually treated with Rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty as only Septoplasty can’t treat this cosmetic concern. However, every person isn’t suitable for all the surgeries. It’s better to have a complete discussion with the doctor regarding the medical aspects so he can help in making the right decision.

Wrapping Up- Does Septoplasty Get Rid of Bump on The Nose?

This article concludes that Septoplasty cannot get off Bump on the nose as it’s an entirely different practice that must be treated through Rhinoplasty. Patients are advised to get the Septorhinoplasty if they want alteration in their nose for cosmetic and medical purposes mutually. However, both surgeries are sensitive must be performed by a skilled surgeon with attention and care. So it’s better to ensure the expertise of the surgeon before you decide anything.

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