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Success Rate of IVF in India

Success Rate of IVF– Looking for IVF Treatment. Please wait a minute; here are Some Facts about IVF and its success in India, how IVF’s Success is Affected by women’s age, and the actual number of IVF’s Successes in India and Globally. Several things will enhance your chances of IVF treatments success.

So let’s get Down to the Article and Discover all of these points to get a Successful IVF.

Success Rate of IVF in India

Although IVF has become a blessing for infertile couples in India, the success rate of IVF in India is between 30% to 35%. Where else the worldwide average is 40 %. But things are changing now with the new technological implementation in IVF. These techniques are Implemented to increase the success of IVF. Like the “freeze all” method to freeze the embryos created after Conventional IVF or Improved ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). For some cases where Patients face multiple failures in IVF,  ERA(Endometrial receptivity analysis) is used to analyse the Failure. Most of these numerous Implant related failures occur in Patients of higher age groups. Before going through implantation, it is recommended to undergo PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening ) to enhance the probability of Successful Implantation. Combining these techniques with the IVF will significantly strengthen the Success Rate of IVF.

Impact of Age on IVF Success Rate

The patient’s age is directly linked to successful IVF. . A younger woman going through IVF has a higher chance of getting successful IVF than the women above 35. When a woman reaches 30, he only has 12% of eggs from the 300000 eggs she originally had. Conditions Change when she reaches the age of 40, and she is left with only 9000 eggs. This factor is the only effect Severely the Success rate of IVF.

Let’s take the example of Mishka IVF Best IVF Center In Jaipur and get insight into the success rate of IVF by age. The success rate of IVF under 35 is 41% to 43%. Where Women between the age 35-37 is 30% to 36%. Similarly, women between the ages of 38-40 are 23% to 27%. But chances of Successful IVF get short for women above age 40 are 13% to 18%.

These Data of Mishka IVF will give you a clear picture of age and IVF Success.

Improve The IVF’s Efficiency

The rate of success of your procedure is not entirely dependent on your Age or Doctors proficiency. You can also make some contributions to Improve the Chance of Success for your IVF treatment.

Here are some Things You should ask your Doctors to Increase the Probability of Successful In your IVF Treatment.

Ask About Body Weight Before IVF

An Ideal Bodyweight is perfect, and It also improves the success rate of IVF. Suppose You have any doubt about your weight before IVF, ask your doctor about it. They will surely guide you on this. But Maintaining an Ideal Bodyweight is Going to Save you from Extra trials.

Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle

This is extremely important to have a healthy lifestyle During Your IVF treatment. For example, stay away from Alcohol and Smoking; these things will harm your IVF treatment and increase the chances of Failure. It’s far better to get complete advice from your doctor about your lifestyle and habits to Get better IVF success.

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Find Right Doctor or IVF Center

The first and Important part of Successful IVF Treatment is Finding a Good and Experienced Doctor or IVF Center. So that your success rate of IVF the first time will become higher. For finding the right Doctor or Center for IVF Treatment, Check their Experience. Then check Their IVF Success Percentage and match it with Indian IVF Success Percentage. Let’s take an example. If you are a woman under the age of 35, check the Clinic’s success rate of IVF under 35 and Compare it with Countries Percentage. If it’s Equal to or above the Indian Percentage, the Doctor or Center has Good Results on their treatment.

Be Patient

IVF will not provide you with a result overnight. It might get to a few trials and failures Because every human has different problems and qualities. So for a Few, It will work for the first try, and a few will take time and several tries. It also depends on your age, so IVF success rate by age may increase or decrease but Be patient. Getting expert advice, following the medicine, and a healthy lifestyle will help you in IVF.

Final Say Success Rate of IVF

You Know All The Facts about the success rate of IVF and What Effect age of Women Plays on Success and Few Points How to Improve the Efficiency of IVF. But Before You go and try these methods, talk to your doctor. For Some Cases, Proper medication is enough. So it’s best to take advice from your doctor.

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