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Symptoms of 28 Weeks Pregnancy Bump

Hey mommies to be, are you carrying 28 weeks pregnancy bump along yourself. Congratulations! You have just stepped into the third trimester—İt’s time to face many things that will change now. You will face sleepless nights.

How To Spend Sleepless Nights With 28 Weeks Pregnancy Bump?

İf you face sleepless nights, and 28 weeks pregnancy bump is not the time to do house chores. Just spend that time doing something relaxing and not bothering yourself with some hard work. This time would be astonishing for you. As if you are a lazy bee, even still you will want to do something active. This situation is called nesting. Nesting at 28 weeks pregnancy bump is the psychological situation in which your brain wants you to start preparing your surrounding for the new arrival. İn this situation, your brain gets active.

Drink some tea, read an interesting book that will give you some positive vibes. Stay away from the negative vibes and take a rest.

Size of The Baby in The 28 Weeks Pregnancy Bump:

You will be curious to know the size of your baby in 28 weeks of pregnancy bump. At 28 weeks, the size of the baby will be equal to the size of an eggplant. İncluding all the fat layers, he or she would now have a measurement of 14.8 inches, and he would weight almost 2.2 pounds.

İn Which Month You Will Face 28 Weeks Pregnancy Bump?

İf you want to know that your 28 weeks pregnancy bump is indicating which month? İt will indicate that you have just entered into the seventh month and there are only months to go when you hold a cute little chunk in your arms.

In Which Trimester You Will Have 28 Weeks Pregnancy Bump?

You will hit 28 weeks pregnancy bump in the third trimester. You have made this long journey, and now your destination is very close to you.

Symptoms of 28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:

Your baby has grown up now like an eggplant. İt has turned into a fetus. Now it’s time to start preparing yourself with a big 28 weeks pregnancy bump for the arrival of a little kid. Your mind will start prepping itself, which is called nesting.

All the symptoms you will face during this are:

1. Lack of Sleep:

Your hormones and nerves will not let you allow to sleep correctly. As time will come closer, more trouble in sleep will start to occur.

2. Trouble in Breathing:

As the baby is developing, he or she will put pressure on your lungs and diaphragm. As in result of which, it will be hard for you to take a breath easily. Don’t push hard to take a breath as it can cause damage to you.

3. Aches and Pains:

When you get into the 28 weeks pregnancy bump, aches and pains will start to tease you in your body. İt would be uncomfortable for you to stay in a similar posture for a long time. You can’t sit properly. This happens because of hormone fluctuations. İn these months you should do some yoga poses, stretch the muscles, walk, or do a prenatal massage. Wear a maternity belt as well.

4. Braxton Hicks Contractions:

You will feel contractions when you will step into the 28 weeks of pregnancy bumps. But you should be careful about it, and if you start to feel these contractions regularly, it indicates the pre-term Labor. İn this case, you need to contact your doctor.

5. Leakage From The Boobs:

Your breast will tender, and the hormones will start producing the baby’s first food. This first food is a yellowish substance which is called colostrum. Sometimes, this food comes out before the baby takes it.

6. Constipation and Gas:

You will feel some constipation and gas issue, try to eat slowly and infrequent meals so that your digestive system work properly. When your food digests appropriately, there will be fewer chances of creating extra gas.


Your baby is about to come into this world—İt’s time to start preparing for his or her arrival. You will feel some symptoms during these 28 weeks of pregnancy bump.
Please don’t take all these symptoms lightly; in any case of severity, it is better to take an appointment and consult a doctor.

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