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dark grey blinds

A mix of white and black – a gray color that is considered neutral in the interior. Still, this color is infinitely versatile due to its shades (from almost white to granite darkness). So how to decorate the interior in gray to keep it cozy? Dark grey blinds will help you decide.

Gray symbolizes peace, restraint, and neutrality. It is one of the colors that can perfectly play a background in which such interior elements as furniture, accessories, architectural details, and so on stand out. On the other hand, some people find that gray causes them a feeling of apathy. Here are some tips on how to create a gray interior where you feel calm and cozy.

Lost of Important Tips When Directing House With Dark Grey Blinds

  • Select the appropriate shade of gray. Gray has both warm and cold shades. Which shade to choose depends on what kind of room atmosphere you want to create. The chosen shade will also greatly affect the rest of the interior color gamut, so its search is an essential task.

For example, a warm shade of gray goes well with bleached wood, muted pastels, and linen fabrics. And the cool shades of gray go hand in hand with black leather, bright paintings, and shiny surface furniture.

  • Create visual exclusivity with patterns and textures. Tam. to keep the gray interior from looking monotonous, use unique patterns and bright textures. This will give the space a sense of extra depth.
  • The importance of contrast creation in gray space. Contrast plays a vital role in the design of any interior, especially achromatic. It gives space, character, and interest. So when creating a gray interior, it is advisable to use several shades of this color in one space. If you want an ultra-dramatic effect, combine the lightest shade of gray with the darkest. If you want a more subtle effect, combine shades of gray that are not too far apart.
  • The importance of lighting. Gray mimics the “color” of shadows, so it’s essential to make sure there’s plenty of natural light in the room. If the room is dark, it is recommended to use as much artificial lighting as possible – in addition to the main lamp, do not forget the accents (floor lamp or table lamp, wall lamp, etc.).
  • Create a sense of balance with the help of warm details. A sense of balance is essential at home. You will give this feeling to the gray interior with the help of warm interior elements – wood, brown leather, beige accents, and so on.

Modern Interior With Contrasting Textures

Those who like modernity and aesthetics that reflect today’s trends and moods should love this modern home, where space, shape, color, and texture are paramount. So we invite you to delve deeper into the last aspects of this exclusive interior.

When you enter this apartment, the space itself and its layout are the first things that catch your eye. The dwelling is quite open and is not hindered by unnecessary walls. Only the bedroom, as a personal space, is separated from the rest of the common part of the apartment. Although the apartment is not closed, it has felt separate areas (beginning and end).

Very interestingly, such division of individual zones is solved in the bedroom. The bed and lounge chair by the window is raised several steps upwards, thus separating them from the rest of the room where the work area is located.

Another important aspect of this interior is the colors. The open living room and kitchen area are dominated by a neutral gray color, which serves as a background that highlights the shapes and textures of the furniture. The feeling of coziness in this room is introduced through even a few different shades of wood.


The bedroom has a much calmer color palette. It is dominated by white, green, and honey-colored wood. The contrast in this room is created with the help of black accents.

Still, the most interesting element of this interior is bright finishes and furniture textures, which give the home a visual depth and character. The common living room and kitchen have the most eye-catching industrial metal floors and warm wooden wall accents. A fluffy rug and upholstered furniture tapestries look expressive in the living area.

The bedroom also combines different textures to create a charming visual play. This space combines wood, rattan, and metal accents.

In the end

Modern interior requires quite some research. That is why we recommend checking out UK to avoid confusion beforehand.

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