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Different Navy Sideboards

You need a navy sideboard for your home but cannot decide to purchase one particular type. You are unsure about the handles, storage space, the overall look it will provide, and whether it will be of good quality. Traditionally, a sideboard is a piece of furniture with a flat top placed at the entry of a dining room when used to showcase food or just placed alongside a wall for storage space. Therefore, It can work as a living room storage cabinet and a buffet zone for food. Both ways, it is important for it to look well polished, balanced with the room, and be easy to clean for a triple threat of a sideboard people won’t forget.

Different Styles For Navy Sideboards

Coastal Furniture Style

To communicate a laid-back vibe, coastal decor emphasizes lighter tones like beige, blue, green, and white. Additionally, it welcomes sisal carpets, sea glass accents, and gauzy linen draperies while embracing informal furnishings slipcovered in neutral tones to create a pleasant space. A blue navy sideboard would fit right in, especially if it has a white or grey top and ocean-based designs on the handles.

Modern Furniture Style

Modern furniture is defined as furniture with modernist influences created between the late 19th century and the present. The look of the furniture is greatly influenced by the post-World War II goals of reducing excess, commercialization, and practicality of materials in design. A navy sideboard will fit right in as a piece to show off to your friends in the hallway or near the exit door of your flat.

Retro Style

Since 1972, the term “retro” has been used to characterize new artifacts that self-consciously allude to specific past forms, patterns, techniques, and materials. On the other hand, the phrase is frequently used to group historically inspired fashions. The term “retro style” describes contemporary items that mirror the past. Depending on the living room storage cabinet’s size, it can also work as a retro piece to add some age to your home and a cool item to talk about.

Minimalist Style

It has simple, clear lines and a monochrome color scheme with accents of color. It typically blends an open floor plan with abundant natural light, practical furniture, and a narrow concentration on key components’ shape, color, and texture. A simpler sideboard can be arranged for designing like this and is an excellent way to accentuate the minimalist home.

Traditional Furniture Style

The decor of Europe’s 18th and 19th centuries evolved naturally into traditional design. The interiors of traditional homes continue to have details like intricate millwork and soothing colors. The fact is that a sideboard can be a very calming and inviting piece of furniture to tie the whole room together. Traditional in that sense, you can make the color scheme of your other furniture match the navy to make this style work.

Antique Style Furniture

Typically, antiques are works of decorative art that exhibit some level of workmanship, resale value, or design consideration. Some sideboards have these aesthetic qualities, which make them wonderful items to own in your home. Maintenance comes into question with this style, but it is worth having an antique to add depth to your home.

Other Factors to consider

Look at the quality of the materials used, as this defines the final product you receive. Choose a seller that hand picks their selection to guarantee that you will receive quality. You need to also know the amount of storage space you will need. Accordingly, choose a living room storage cabinet that suits your needs.


Of course, decor matters to your home. It is the one place you get to call your own and live happily. So choose well between your choices and enjoy the process while you are at it.

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