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Furniture For Designing Conference Room

A conference room is one of the essential rooms in any corporate office. This is a place where a lot of talks happen, and a lot of big decisions are being made most of the time. But a conference room should also be a place where people shouldn’t feel awkward, and it must give them the confidence to face challenges head-on. This depends on the kind of environment or the design of the conference room adopts.

Individual conference rooms are so poorly designed that it becomes difficult to feel confident and comfortable in that space. A conference room is often known to be the most intimidating one in the entire office, but it is the place where everyone comes together in a formal setting, this is the reason it needs to adopt a style that can suit everyone. The best way to do this is by choosing the right kind of furniture for your conference room.

In this blog, we will touch upon some great conference room furniture pieces which will help you decide what to get for designing your next conference room. If you do not plan to change anything in the conference room, I hope this blog motivates you or inspires you to a bit more daring and still make it a place more inviting.

#1 Round Conference Table

A round conference table is often the right choice for small businesses or offices with a smaller conference room. These round conference tables are smaller in size and are a perfect piece of furniture for a smaller group to get together and discuss ideas and brainstorm. It encourages a more personal and intimate feeling in the people sitting at the table.

There are more prominent offices that make use of the same round conference table for different parts of their offices as well. A round conference table is loved by advisors, financial planners, and law offices. It doesn’t allow much room to put up an elaborate show but is useful for talks that need to be just between the group.

#2 Grey Meeting Table

A grey meeting table is a long, rectangular table that can seat almost 12 people at the same time. A grey meeting table is perfect furniture for a conference room that sees more people regularly, and different teams come together to put on a presentation of their ideas and work. It feels more formal and less personal or intimate. But a grey meeting table is an actual conference room table.

#3 Round Meeting Table and Chairs

Round Meeting Table and Chairs sound very similar to a round conference table. But round meeting table and chairs are, in fact, a bit more formal and modern looking. It gives a young, energetic and modern look, which is why IT firms often prefer round meeting tables and chairs, but a lot of corporate firms do accommodate one of these in their conference rooms, to make them modern, yet casual, but not too casual.

#4 White desk with glass top

You must have seen a white desk with a glass top in a lot of different places, but mostly in smaller sizes. These tables are available in larger sizes if needed in a place like a conference room. It gives a serene and clean look. Along with being serene, it looks very modern. You will also notice some of the home offices making use of a white desk with glass top. The glass top adds specific energy to the otherwise dull white desk.

#5 Glass Meeting Tables

Glass Meeting Tables are official boardroom or conference room furniture where some of the most critical decisions are made. It gives the boardroom or the conference room to have that strict, business feel. There are different ranges when it comes to choosing glass meeting tables. You get various shapes that might be suitable for the conference room design you have in mind. Glass Meeting Tables are often the most preferred choice when choosing furniture for a conference room or boardroom.

#6 Round Boardroom Table

Round Boardroom Table is very much similar to a round conference table, except around the boardroom table can be a bit bigger and able to seat more people. A round boardroom table is a perfect choice for meetings where participation is of more importance rather than putting up a presentation and being the center of attention. A round boardroom table gives a real classy feel, and yet it is very functional and versatile at the same time.

#7 Square Meeting Tables

Square meeting tables can be used for both formal and informal arrangements. If you need a more traditional and business arrangement, you can go to a giant square meeting table. But the same square meeting table in a smaller size can work as a perfect piece for a small, slightly informal, yet business-like gathering between employees. The large square meeting tables are perfect for brainstorming sessions or presentations and work as the ideal table where an idea needs space to grow.

#8 Glass Conference Tables

The glass conference tables are very similar to glass meeting tables, except glass conference tables are often integrated with wood to give a more classic look to it and add more substance to the table. This kind of table can allow up to 8 people to sit and have a conference. This glass conference table rests on its traditional corners and lines. Glass conference tables are another popular choice for conference rooms.

Wrap up

At the time of designing a conference room space, you must remember that your design is only as good as the elements you introduce into it. The design can be perfect, but if the elements or the furniture introduce to it is not up to the mark, the design wouldn’t get its due.

While deciding on the table and its size, make sure there is enough room for employees to move around, and they are not restricted to just the places they are standing or sitting. The size of the table matters as much as what kind of table you choose.

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