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Home Design

A Step-By-Step Guide To Designing Your Dream Home Julia Cameron offers readers step-by-step guidelines on planning and designing their dream homes. While I have not personally read this book, it looks very detailed and accurate from what I’ve seen online. This is a good start for any potential homebuyer looking to get the right team involved in the planning process of their new home. And it’s an excellent text for any architect or interior designer to give to their clients. Not only does it offer solid advice on selecting the suitable material and color palette, but it also provides the architect with a chance to flex his creative muscles.

Construction Standards

This is a detailed and well-organized work that would make an excellent addition to dream design property. If you’re a self-builder or have the option of working with a professional contractor, I highly recommend this book. The book’s format is divided into three parts. Part One will overview the key issues to be addressed when planning the site, including traffic, construction standards, utilities, access to building areas, zoning, and local codes. Part Two will focus on project management, including scheduling, budgeting, materials planning, and bidding.

Home Design Project

After a brief introduction into the key issues to address in planning your home design project, the book proceeds to look at the different building and architectural methods applied to home designs. It then breaks down these methodologies into specific subtopics, such as structural systems, building materials, roofing, and finishes. Each subtopic has at least one page that provides information on what you need to know for that subtopic. Finally, the third part of the book contains numerous full-color color photographs of various home styles and their building specifications, accompanied by detailed explanations of why each technique is used.

Professional Architect

Although most of the information in the book is designed for the self-builder, it would be helpful to any person working with a licensed professional architect. Much of the information about architectural design is about planning, but specific sections address aspects related to site preparation. In addition, you’ll find quotes on building regulations, including fire exit and safety laws, zoning regulations, and historic district regulations. Several pages are devoted to addressing the environmental impact of your home design, including transportation concerns. There are even pages that address aspects related to asbestos use and disposal. You might not find everything you want in this book, but it does provide much-needed information on the subject.

Home Design

A Step-By-Step Guide To Designing Your Dream Home provides a great deal of information on the subject of home building and design. The book includes a great deal of advice on what types of permits you will need, what kinds of architects you can hire, and what types of building regulations you will need to abide by. For the contractor, this book provides information on planning, building regulations, and construction estimating. It would be beneficial to anyone considering starting a construction business as well.


A Step-By-Step Guide To Designing Your Dream Home is a helpful tool for anyone considering starting a new home or remodeling an existing one. Much of the information provided deals with what you can expect during the planning stage of your project, much of which applies to all phases. However, quite a bit of information is only relevant to the planning stage, which some people may find scarce. For example, it would be challenging to get building permits without an architect’s recommendation. However, you can certainly expect to run into many contentious planning issues when you get into the building stages.

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