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Invest in a Bathroom Ceiling Body Dryer

Have you heard of the full-body air massagers or the bathroom ceiling body dryers? They are a classic example of modern-day living comfort and luxury.

Technology has indeed made advancements in every aspect of human living, without which life now seems impossible. The luxurious air dryers manufactured by the best companies are one example of such advancements.

After you get out of a hot steamy shower, you may have noticed that the steam ends up settling on the towels present in the bathroom, making them reak of that unpleasant wet odour. However, technology has now even fixed this problem with the development of the bathroom ceiling body dryers.

What are Body Dryers?

A body dryer is an electrical device that generates warm air to dry any wet body after a shower eliminating the end of a towel at all. The air dryer generates the warm air through the inbuilt blower inside that has both an inlet for cool air and an outlet for warm air released in the bathroom.
It is quite similar to those common hand dryers that you find in commercial washrooms. However, the body dryer is relatively bigger than a small hand dryer since it dries the entire wet body in a few minutes.

These devices activate through a sensor, all you need to do is stand below the ceiling body dryer, and it will turn on. Alternately, you can also opt for remote-controlled body dryers. You can adjust the temperature of the warm air according to your requirement.

Honestly, in winters, the joy of warm air blowing over the body is priceless. These devices are ideal even for those homes that do not have an electric shower.

What are the Benefits of Using Bathroom Ceiling Body Dryers?

In addition to comfort and luxury, air body dryers have multiple other benefits. If you are sceptical about investing in one, read below all the perks and then decide.

They are Much More Hygienic Than Body Towels

The best feature of a body dryer is that they offer higher hygiene standards compared to body towels. Towels are used by multiple people, which increases the chances of an infection spreading around the house.

Even if you regularly wash your towels or replace them every month, they are still an item that is used continuously around the house. On the other hand, even though everyone in the house uses a body dryer, it is used safely, reducing any infections or allergies.

They Dry the Body Much Faster Than the Body Towels

Another great perk of investing in a full-body dryer is that they dry much faster than a body towel ever can. You can dry off your wet body in less than three minutes and save your precious time, especially on the busy mornings when you have to rush to work.

If you think that the body dryer machine will look odd in the current theme of your bathroom, then do not worry. Bathroom designers have fixed this issue as well. You can find these dryers in all shapes, colours, and sizes.

They are Ideal for Kids

You must be aware that as much as kids run away from showers, they run away from towel drying as well. Mothers find themselves running behind their kids in the entire house to dry their bodies after the shower.

Since kids do not dry themselves properly, it adds to your piles of laundry. The best thing about body dryers is that they do not let the kids run away with their wet bodies. It is a fun task for them. You do not have to beg your kids to get into the shower because, in the excitement of using the body dryer, they would hop under the shower daily!

Body Dryers Significantly Reduce Your Laundry Load

If you invest in a body dryer, you will soon find your piles of laundry rapidly dwindling. In addition to the reduced house chores, this will prove to be budget-friendly as well. The cost of electric bills would significantly reduce as well.

Honestly, what more can one ask for other than comfort, luxury, and budget-friendliness all in a single investment?

Body Dryers Decrease High Levels of Moisture in The Bathrooms

For those who love to enjoy a hot steamy shower daily, you would be familiar with the hassle of the accumulated moisture in the bathroom that can stick on walls. But with the installation of a body dryer, you can say goodbye to this unnecessary moisture.

The blower of the body dryer and the air it generates will decrease the condensation levels in your bathroom, and the cool air droplets you observe on your walls will no longer form.

In addition to this, your bathroom floor will no longer remain wet, and you do not need to spend a long time wiping the floor before you go out.

Of course, there is no doubt that baths are a great way to relax and detox after or before a long day, but if you have to come out dripping wet, they are a hassle, not a comfort. And air dryers make sure that your baths are as comfortable as possible.

In the End

All in all, there are multiple advantages to using a body dryer. In addition to offering ease and comfort, they are cost-effective as well in the long run. If you invest in a bathroom ceiling body dryer, you can stay rest assured that your investment will not go in vain.

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