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Make your Space Yours with These Five Methods

Personalizing your space is one of the most satisfying things that anyone can do. It gives a sense of belonging to the place where you live your life. That is a priceless feeling to have, and people go about it in their way. If you are confused about what you should be doing with your space, you are not alone at all. Countless people are looking for ways to make their space theirs but often end up buying the kind of stuff that makes it look like a generic household. To break away from the ordinary, a little bit of planning and guidance is required. While the planning is all yours, we can provide you with some useful guidelines to help you do what you want to do with your space. To find out what you can do with your space to personalize it, keep reading.


Nothing is more you than your name, and a great way to make your space feel like yours is to portray that proudly. A popular trend is to use monograms as a piece of decoration. Using hand-cut pieces, be it wooden or other materials, you can create some fantastic artistic monograms with a range of other purposes. One great thing you can make is a key holder that you can have right in plain view. There are some amazing fonts to experiment with, and you can also personalize them according to your color preference.

Depending on the design that you choose, you may also get multiple features, and hanging bars that can allow you to hang other things like jewelry items, etc. of course, how you end up using it is entirely up to you. We highly recommend checking out the options at Pottery Barn as they have amazing designs, and you can also get them for a good price by using a pottery barn UAE discount code.

Customized Storage

Branding is not just about a product being famous. It is also a sense of personalization. That is precisely what you need to do with your things as well, especially storage. While labeling is cool too, if you want to make it truly yours, you can go for something that can have your name written on it. Storage units are especially good for this since they are large and flat, allowing your name to pop out properly. There are many great options to choose from when it comes to the type of storage you personalize.

While suitcases are the most common storage piece that gets personalized, you do not have it lying out in the open when at home. So, the alternative can be things like your jewelry box, personal belongings storage, and other similar items. You can find some great options at Pottery Barn and use a pottery barn UAE discount code to get them at a great price.

Furniture Options

One feature can be modified for a personalized feeling like nothing else, and that is furniture. You can find furniture of all kinds that you can have according to your taste. They can be made in a way that they truly make your space feel like it is yours. One of the most popular forms of doing so is to match the back of the house’s chairs get a monogram engraved or cut into the body. You can also match it with your other monogram furniture and fixtures like the one discussed earlier. It gives a very bold and very personal statement about you and can also make the area look much more elegant.

While hard furniture carvings are certainly one way of doing things, you can take the easier route as well and buy something like a bean bag with your name or initials. These are more commonly available and much more comfortable as well. They also provide a sense of coziness, something you want when creating a comfortable and personalized living environment. Make sure to get your furniture from Pottery Barn by using a pottery barn UAE discount code.


The discussion on personalization would be incomplete if we did not talk about luggage as well. There are so many options that Pottery Barn can provide you with a wide variety in terms of material, function, and color range. Choose whatever you find to your liking, and make sure it has your name on it in capital letters. Not only does that look cool, but you also do not have to worry about losing your luggage either as it will easily stand out in the crowd. Just be sure to use your pottery barn UAE discount code to get your bag at an amazingly discounted price!

Got any more personalization tips and tricks? Do share them in the comments below.

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