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wall painting in Moscow

You can order wall painting in Moscow and the Moscow region. We are distinguished from competitors in the service market by affordable low prices, free measurement, preliminary budgeting, and a professional approach to any construction issue. To get started with our services, go to Painter near me.

We form profitable offers, control the implementation process at each stage of work. If you contact us for painting walls, ceilings, pipes, and other services, you can be sure of a responsible, prompt, and high-quality solution in the middle price segment. It would seem that what could be easier than painting the walls? He took the enamel, the roller – and forward. This is where the difficulties begin: the paint does not adhere well to the new surface, peels off, or turns out to be thicker than necessary; smudges form in place of a flat strip just applied by a roller; splashes and drops multiply on the floor. As a result, instead of the expected pleasure, extra costs and the need to make repairs in a new way fall on your shoulders. To avoid damage to the premises and your psychological state, immediately seek the services of professionals. With special equipment and proven coating technologies, they get the job done quickly.

Painting Prices in Moscow

Painting walls, ceilings, pipes are not a problem for us. Before ordering the services, you can call a wizard to estimate the cost of work and draw up an estimate. At your request, we will select the type of coating (water-based, oil, powder paint, enamel, and others) and determine the required amount of paint, calculating the area of the entire painted surface.

Before starting work, our specialists carefully examine the surface for painting to make sure it is completely ready for work. If not, then the necessary procedures are carried out.

When painting the wall surface for the first time, plastering, drying the walls, priming, filler, sanding with a sanding net or sandpaper, removing dust, and priming again with a special paint, which will allow the finishing paint to better lie on the surface, are carried out.

When painting a previously painted surface, peeling paint is removed, the wall is washed to remove dirt and grease, all irregularities and cracks are filled, the putty is sanded with sandpaper, dust is removed, and the surface is primed before applying the main layer of paint.

Painting a Wall Covered with Wallpaper

The wallpaper is completely removed, or poorly glued stripes are removed, traces of wallpaper glue are removed, dirt and dust are removed from the surface, an alkyd primer is applied. The wall is leveled with a fine-grained putty, sanded, and re-primed before applying the main color.

Before starting work, all furniture is wrapped in polyethylene, and the floor surface is protected from unwanted splashes and drops. After painting the walls, a demonstration of the work performed to the customer and consultation on further operation and maintenance of the coating is made.

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