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Potpourri Bowl Ideas

Potpourri is becoming more popular day by day. Nowadays everyone is looking for a relaxing experience at their home. That’s why these relaxing need of us has increased the popularity of Potpourri tenfold. You Know how to use it and its benefits. Did you know where you want to store and display your potpourri?

Here are 8 different Potpourri Bowl Ideas that you can use in your house.

Potpourri Bowl Ideas 

There are different ways to put your potpourri in your bowl, and many Bowls have different characteristics so let’s find out different Potpourri bowls that will work for your potpourri.

Glass Potpourri Bowl

Glass Bowl is most commonly used as a bowl. The reason is straightforward because it let you display your potpourri’s beauty. Also, glass bowls with open sides let your potpourri’s fragrance escape and fill your home with an amazing aroma. Another reason glass bowls are so popular is because they cost less than other decorative bowls.

Clay Bowl

Clay bowls with a decorative touch are the first choice for many potpourri lovers. With the great flexibility of clay, you can get many different designs for your potpourri. And Not to forget about the natural aroma of clay that mix with your potpourri. You can color it or buy other designs to make your Bowl more interesting and decorative.

Copper and Brass Bowls

Handmade copper and brass Bowls and uruli are becoming more popular choices for decorative potpourri bowls. These copper and brass uruli are available in different designs and sizes. That gives you the freedom to choose one according to your need. And these Copper and Brass bowls and usually look good as potpourri bowls.

Crystal Potpourri Bowl

Crystal potpourri bowl is a sub-class of Glass potpourri bowl. Crystle Bowls are more refined and designed to look more attractive and unique. That way, when you decorate it with potpourri, it will enhance your potpourris looks. Different shapes that come with Crystle Bowls look fantastic, and it also gives you a choice to look for your favorite design.

 Potpourri Bowl with Lid 

Bowls with leads are an excellent idea for your potpourri. These bowls with leads will give you the freedom to move your potpourri anywhere in your house without the fear of spilling. Most of these lids have designer holes so that the smell of potpourri continues to smell around your home.

Stone Bowls

Stone Bowls are famous for their craft style and lovely looks. Stone bowls are not popular as potpourri bowls in ordinary households because it’s an expensive Bowl. Because of that, you will mostly see it in hotels and restaurants.

Wood Bowl

Wood Bowl is the cheapest and durable option for your potpourri. Because it’s made of wood, you can find it anywhere on the market or online. Just a few preparations, and your Potpourri bowl are ready for use. Because of their durability and impact resistance, Wood Bowls are a great choice for a house full of children.

Cane Basket

A cane Basket is another alternative for your potpourri decoration. Use a cane basket to decorate your potpourri and place it in your living room. Try to be creative when you use a cane basket for Potpourri. If you decorate it amazingly, it will be a beautiful scene in your living room.

Bottom Line

 Now you find out different Potpourri Bowl Ideas. You should try and figure out which decorative potpourri Bowl is best for you. If you want to use a glass bowl, then please keep it away from your children.

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