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Professional Home Inspection

It would take ages to list down all the benefits of home inspection services. However, the peace of mind they offer to buyers is priceless. Before purchasing any property or signing the papers, a full-fledged residential home inspection done by a certified home inspector can provide benefits for years to come. You would get a detailed insight of the property both inside and out, which would allow you to make a wise decision free of regrets.

There are two broad aims of home inspection services. It provides a chance to the buyer to assess the current state of a house, its structural strength and overall condition of the items installed. Secondly, it brings forth any issues into the knowledge of the seller so that he can get them resolved before handing over the house to the buyer.

Even if you sign the documents before a home inspection, get it pre-listed with a clause which states that sale would be completed when the necessary inspection is done. Identify a date as well. This way, you will remain secure even if any problem arises.

What Exactly Happens in a Residential Home Inspection?

A home inspection firstly comprises assessing the strength of the property’s structure from inside out which includes the installed heating and cooling systems, the plumbing, the roofing systems, in-wall insulation, electrical systems, type of ceilings, condition of the flooring, windows and the overall foundation of the house.

Once the inspection of all areas is done, the home inspector formulates a detailed report outlining any areas that need repairing or improvement. The report would also include the positive features of the house such as it is well maintained or the structure is of good strength etc. The home inspection report must in no way be biased benefiting either party.

If you think you will be able to conduct a good inspection yourself, then you are mistaken. Even if you have been living in a house for years, you can never surpass the knowledge and experience of professional home inspection services. Let’s say there are water lines in the walls of your lounge, and this indicates either a seepage issue or a side effect of any single mishap. Only an inspector will be able to differentiate the root cause.

All in all, a professional inspection report would comprise detailed information regarding the state of the house you are planning to buy. This would help you avoid any disappointment later on once you have signed the papers. Also, a home inspector would stay on the track where you can get emotionally influenced during the sale.

Don’t Skip Inspection!

Once you come close to closing the deal on your home and signing the contract, you may get overwhelmed by signing a lot of checks for the real estate agent and the attorney. However, these expenses should not derail your plan of hiring a home inspector. You can easily think of skipping the home inspection here to save $500; however, it is not a wise decision. Here is why.

1. It Can Provide You With a Chance to Back Out

A professional home inspection will show all the areas of improvement in the property and its installed systems. This will make the buyer aware of the additional expenditure he will have to make on future repairs over the next years. In case the buyer thinks that the property is asking a lot of maintenance, then he can easily back off the deal with legit reasons.

2. Home Inspection Highlights Illegal Installations

The inspection report would also show the buyer if any renovations or additions or installations in the house were made on illegal grounds without a permit.

3. Provides You with a Chance to Ensure Safety

One important aspect of a home inspection is that it can reveal issues with safety such as problems with water heater ventilation, absence of, carbon monoxide monitors or the growing moulds in the roof etc. You must include the clause in your contract, which states that the buyer has the right to back off from the deal in case safety hazards are detected during inspection.

4. Home Inspection can Provide Both Parties Grounds for Negotiation

Since reports of home inspections state the needs for repairs and maintenance, it provides a chance for buyers to bargain with the seller. While if the report shows the state of the art installations and maintenance, then the seller has an opportunity to close the deal at desired rates.

5. Inspection can Predict Future Expenses

A good home inspector will easily be able to assess the age of installed systems such as air conditioning, plumbing, heating, roofing etc. If they have been installed for ages, the home inspector can tell the buyer on the potential expenditure he has to make in future repairs.

6. Home Inspection can Make or Break a Deal

Home inspections can easily assist the buyers in determining the extra investment they are willing to make on any potential repairs on the property. If the buyer does not want to spend on installing new water heaters or getting the plumbing fixed then either they can close the deal at a lower rate or look for another option.

7. Home Inspection can Help with Insurance

There are insurance companies who will not provide insurance if a certain standard is not reached. They require certifications of inspections done in particular areas. If you want insurance for your home, get it inspected thoroughly.

8. Inspection will Protect Your Money Long Term

A home inspector can provide valuable insight on home maintenance for the future as well. The right maintenance plan and tips from the get-go will help you secure thousands of dollars in future. So, take your home inspector as a guide for the future as well.

In The End

It is important to analyse, assess and inspect the property you are about to buy as your home. After all, buying a home is a lifelong investment and an expensive one indeed. It is only wise to protect your investment by opting for a professional home inspection before signing the contract.

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